Using Infra-Red (IR) Heaters To Provide Energy Efficient Hazardous Area Heating For Work Spaces

By Chris Dodds on 3rd December, 2015

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Using Infra-Red (IR) Heaters To Provide Energy Efficient Hazardous Area Heating For Work Spaces

Hazardous Area Heating.

Infra-Red Heaters. ATEX Certified.





Manufacturer : Star Progetti

Scope : T&D have supplied Star Progetti EHSAFE2000 ATEX certified infra-red (IR) heaters to Intergen providing energy efficient Zone 2 hazardous area heating at the Coryton Power Station project.

Unlike other ATEX certified heaters which usually heat by convection, the EHSAFE IR heater provides shortwave infra-red heat and local warming allowing targetted and therefore energy efficient hazardous area heating.

Star Progetti ATEX infra-red heaters provide beneficial hazardous area heating by allowing the heat to be targetted to a specific area (eg, work space) rather than having to heat the whole work area with space heaters. This drives-up energy efficiency for heating Zone 2 classified working or storage areas in warehouses or buildings with high ceilings.

A single infra-red heater can be used for areas up to 20m² and provides a much more energy and cost efficient way of heating hazardous areas. The ATEX heater is IP66 rated and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor workspace heating in localised or "spot" heating applications.


Client : Intergen

Country : United Kingdom

Sector : Power

Coryton is a 779 MW 2x2x1 configured combined-cycle natural gas plant. The facility represents a substantial investment in state-of-the-art technology, including low emissions gas turbines and air-cooled condensers.

The facility receives natural gas under two long-term gas supply contracts and purchases the necessary balance under additional short and medium-term purchase arrangements.

InterGen markets the facility’s power to spot, short and medium-term contract markets. The plant was designed and constructed for optimal operational flexibility and functional efficiency in a merchant power environment.

Pictured: Coryton Power Station

Coryton Power Station


Pictured: Star Progetti EHSAFE Infra-Red Heaters

                 ATEX Certified Hazardous Area Heaters

Star Progetti EHSAFE Infra-Red Heaters


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Using Infra-Red (IR) Heaters To Provide Targeted Energy Efficient Hazardous Area Heating For Work Sp

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