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ABB Capacitors for LV Low Voltage Power Factor Correction


ABB CLMD03 LV capacitors is an extension of the ABB CLMD range. ABB CLMD capacitors provide high electrical performance and unique reliability for low voltage power factor correction.

ABB CLMD03 LV capacitors are made from 9 capacitor elements within an aluminium case. The case material and design enhance ventilation and maximise heat dissipation allowing as much as 50 kvar in a single case.

ABB CLMD03 LV capacitors are available in two three-phase designs: a single capacitor or two capacitors within the same housing.

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ABB CLMD03 Low Voltage Capacitors

ABB CLMD03 is used for power factor correction, which provides the benefit of lower energy consumption. ABB LV capacitors use proven dry-type technology which prevents risk of toxic oil leakage. The aluminium case is recyclable and the vermiculite used is made of natural material.

ABB CLMD03 low voltage capacitors are available for 50 Hz and 60 Hz networks and network voltages 380v, 400v, 415v, 440v, 480v, 600v and 690v.

ABB CLMD03 Low Voltage Capacitor Specification
Voltage Range

380V - 690V


50Hz and 60Hz



Net Output Power

50kvar for single-capacitor case

37.5kvar (25+12.5) for double-capacitor case


Factory-installed discharge resistors sized to ensure safe discharge of the capacitor to less than 50V in 1 minute after a switch off (minimum off time: 40 seconds)


M8 threaded terminals 


Earth connection on the enclosure flange 

Case Material

Recyclable aluminum enclosure 


Raw aluminium 


Four slots for M6 screws (12x7mm) on the upper flange 



Protection Degree


IP20 with optional top cover


Approx 7.5kg

Max Ambient Temperature

Class D according to IEC60831

Highest mean over any period of 1 year: 35°C

Highest mean over any period of 24h: 45°C

Maximum: 55°C

Min Ambient Temperature


Min Distance Between Units

Flange to flange

25 mm between unit and wall 


For 380V rated voltage and above

≤ 0.2 W/kvar (capacitor without discharge resistors)

≤ 0.5 W/kvar (total including discharge resistors) 

Tolerance On Capacitance

0 % + 10 % 


Voltage Test

Between terminals:

2.15xUn for 10 seconds

Between terminals and earth:

3kV for 10 sec: Un ≤ 500V

4kV for 10 sec: Un > 500V 


Overload Capability 

Overvoltage tolerance: 10% for maximum 8h in every 24h and 30% for maximum 1min.

Maximum permissible current: 1.3x In for continuous operation 


Up to 1000m 


IEC 60831 part 1 & 2

CE marked 


Square flange with a side length of 260mm 


IP00 (including terminals): 250 mm 


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