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ABB Capacitors for LV Low Voltage Power Factor Correction


ABB capacitors provide power quality to low voltage commercial and industrial networks. Good power quality achieved by the specification and installation of ABB low voltage capacitors and power factor correction products leads to trouble free and efficient operation of LV installations.

ABB CLMD Capacitors

ABB identify key elements of plant-related power quality problems :

- Low power factor, as this burdens the low voltage supply system causing unacceptable voltage drops

- Harmonic pollution, as this causes extra stress in low voltage electricity networks and makes installations run less efficiently or not at all

- Load imbalance, as this may lead to an unacceptable voltage imbalance, and leads to an increase of neutral current stress and unacceptable voltage between neutral and earth

ABB Power Quality products and electrical equipment can be used to address these low voltage electrical problems in an efficient and optimal way.

Benefits Of ABB Power Factor Correction Products

  • Reducing/eliminating expensive utility penalties for a low power factor
  • Off-loading of and reduction of power losses in cables and transformers
  • Improving voltage stabilisation in the low voltage electricity system and in long cable runs
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions due to the minimisation of system losses


Adobe ABB Capacitors - Improving Power Quality for Efficiency and Reliability

Adobe ABB Power Factor Correction Products