Vantrunk SW6 Speedway Cable Ladder Installed at Yemen LNG Project

By Chris Dodds on 20th August, 2012

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Vantrunk SW6 Speedway Cable Ladder Installed at Yemen LNG Project

Cable Containment

Vantrunk SW6 Speedway Cable Ladder


The Yemen LNG Project comprised of new and existing upstream gas processing facilities including a transfer line linking the two gas processing units, a new main pipeline, which will connect the gas processing facilities to the new liquefaction facilities in Balhaf, and a spur line to transport domestic gas to the Ma’bar area.

Pictured: Yemen LNG Plant

Yemen LNG Plant

Vantrunk worked with Toyo Kanetsu KK on the 420 Million Cubic Feet/Day Gas Processing Plant to serve the near by Yemen LNG Export Terminal. Vantrunk Supplied SW6 Mild Steel Hot Dip Galv Speedway Cable Ladder and Extra Heavy Duty Cable Tray.

Speedway Cable Ladder SW6 - Finishes & Materials

  • GY - Hot Dip Galvanised Vantrunk Extreme Steel
  • GX - Deep Galvanised Vantrunk Silicon Rich Structural Steel
  • SS - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • GK - Hot Dip Galvanised Vantrunk Silicon Rich Structural Steel


Pictured: Vantrunk SW6 Speedway Cable Ladder

Vantrunk SW6 Speedway Cable Ladder


Vantrunk Speedway SW6 Cable Ladder Specifications
Part No.

No.of Rungs

Dimensions Weight
W W1 L H
SW6/SL3/150/O 10 150mm 200mm 3000mm 150mm 21.63kg
SW6/SL3/300/O 10 300mm 350mm 3000mm 150mm 23.79kg
SW6/SL3/450/O 10 450mm 500mm 3000mm 150mm 25.95kg
SW6/SL3/600/O 10 600mm 650mm 3000mm 150mm 28.11kg
SW6/SL3/750/O 10 750mm 800mm 3000mm 150mm 30.28kg
SW6/SL3/900/O 10 900mm 950mm 3000mm 150mm 32.44kg
SW6/SL3/1050/O 10 1050mm 1100mm 3000mm 150mm 34.60kg

Speedway SW6 Cable Ladder Dimensions

Height H 150mm
Loading Depth D 125mm
Ladder Width W 100mm to 1500mm
Maximum Internal Width W1 W + 14mm
Overall Width W2 W + 50mm
Flange Width F 25mm

Vantrunk Speedway SW6 Cable Ladder Systems

1) Fully slotted cable ladder sides reduces weight - allows ladder to be cut and joined without the need for on-site drilling - accessories can be mounted at any point along the length of the cable ladder run.
2) Unique side wall profiles increases width for cable containment - increases strength and rigidity in side walls.

3) Fully returned edges on side walls and ladder rungs improves safety during handling and minimises damage to cables during cable pulling.

4) Continuous profile for fittings maintains strength in fittings - reduces the need for additional steelwork to support fittings.

5) Unique coupling system matching profiles provide positive location for couplers - design of slot patterns in couplers and side walls minimises slip (a common fault for most slotted cable ladder systems).

6) Rungs located at lowest point on side wall maximises loading depth - no loss of coupler fixings when cutting and joining cable ladders near to rungs.


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