Ellis Patents Vulcan Cable Cleats For Quadrofoil Cable Installs In Substations

By Chris Dodds on 27th February, 2014

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Ellis Patents Vulcan Cable Cleats For  Quadrofoil Cable Installs In Substations

T&D distribute the complete range of Ellis Patents Cable Cleats providing safety critical support to vital cable circuits.

Cable cleats must withstand peak short circuit forces generated by the actual cable installation.

Ellis Patents 3rd party certified cable cleats provide peace of mind containment of low and high voltage cables.

This week, T&D have specified and suppliedQuad Cleats - Ellis Patents Vulcan Cable Cleats several hundred Ellis Patents Vulcan VRQ+05 Quad Cable Cleats to AMEC providing effective cable restraint to substation low voltage power cables to BS6724 - in this instance, 4 x single core 500sqmm (cable diameter 44.2mm)

BS6724 power cables have been cleated to cable containment using Vulcan VRQ+05 (cable diameters 43-47mm). 

Why Stainless Steel Cable Cleats On AWA Cables ? 

Because both stainless steel cable cleats and AWA cables are non-magnetic. Ellis Patents Vulcan cable cleats are manufactured from non-magnetic stainless steel and are therefore unaffected by the magnetic fields, which surround power cables.

Cables fixed with cleats made of magnetic materials can cause localised heating of the cable through the effect of induction.

Likewise, aluminium wire armour (AWA) cable is used in single core power cables because it is non-magnetic - when an electric current passes through a cable it produces a magnetic field which induces an electric current. The electric current generates eddy currents which can cause overheating in AC systems. 

Ellis Patents Vulcan cable cleats are integral with Low Smoke Zero Halogen polymeric liners to cushion, protect and preserve the LSZH integrity of BS6724 power cable installations.

Cable cleats made from stainless steel provide long term corrosion resistance for outdoor cable cleating and exposure to humidity levels within LV HV substations.

BS6724 Power Cable Construction : XLPE Insulated, LSZH Cable Sheath, LSZH Bedding, AWA Aluminium Wire Armour, Copper Conductors

BS6724 Cable - Ellis Patents Vulcan Quad Cable Cleats

  1. Conductor - Class 2 Plain Stranded Copper Conductors
  2. Insulation - XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene)
  3. Bedding - LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  4. Armour - Single Core : AWA (Aluminium Wire Armour)
  5. Cable Sheath - LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

Ellis Patents Vulcan cable cleats are suit for trefoil, single, quad and bundled cable applications where moderate levels of short circuit withstand are required.

Vulcan Cable Cleats : Max Short Circuit Test Level Cable Cleat Spacing
104kA 600mm Cleat Spacing
132kA 300mm Cleat Spacing

Video : Ellis Patents Cable Cleats - Vulcan Cable Cleat VRQ04 (Stainless Steel Cable Cleats)

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Ellis Patents Vulcan Cable Cleats VRQ Quadrofoil Cleats - Specification

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