Super Tymer Safety Cutter Tool for Steel Band Strapping Under Tension

By Chris Dodds on 20th February, 2013

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Super Tymer Safety Cutter Tool for Steel Band Strapping Under Tension

Super Tymer Steel Safety Cutter Tool

Surefast Steel Strapping Cutter Tool


Steel Banding can be an excellent choice when choosing a strap; due to its excellent strength and high rigidity. Meaning it can be used for a varying degree of applications.
Although a suitable choice for your Banding or Strapping needs, Steel Banding can cause injury when used incorrectly or wrongly handled. The most common cause of injury being Steel Band or Strap springing back when cut under tension.

The Problem

Steel Band can cause cuts, abrasions and in extreme cases damage to face and sight. The threat of Steel Band is shown above; as the Steel Strapping is cut under tension it will spring back posing a threat of injury to the cutter and anyone else surrounding the goods. 

The Solution

Avoid this happening and protect yourself and colleagues with the Super Tymer Steel Safety Cutter.

Super Tymer Steel Safety Cutter


Super Tymer Steel Safety Cutter Features

2 rubber pads either side of the cutter grip the Steel Band, stopping the Steel Stap from springing outwards.

The low profile design of the bottom jaw of the Super Tymer Safety Cutter makes it easy to slip the tool under any Steel Strap or Band, at any point, no matter how tight the Steel Band may be.

The rubber pads on the ends of the handle of the tool provide the user with maximum grip, meaning you always stay in control of the Super Tymer Safety Cutter Tool and the Steel Band.

The long handles on the tool provide excellent leverage, making any thickness of Steel Band or Strap a simple task to dispose off.

Durable materials and a sturdy construction means The Super Tymer Safety Cutter Tool will be long lasting and provide safe clean cuts to Steel Band or Strap at all times.

The  Super Tymer Safety Cutter is specifically designed to cut Steel Band widths from 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm & 32mm. The Super Tymer Safety Cutter will easily cut both Ribbon Wound Steel and Oscillated Steel Band, This also includes Fromm and Signode Steel Strapping Systems. The benefits of owning A Super Tymer Steel Safety Cutter will become immediately apparent to any user. Its ease of use when cutting Steel Band or Strap saves time; its light weight shell makes it very maneuverable and most importantly its SAFE. As demonstrated below;

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Super Tymer Safety Cutter Tool for Steel Band Strapping Under Tension

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