Surefast Strapping - Steel, Corded Polyester, Polypropylene

By Chris Dodds on 19th February, 2013

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Surefast Strapping - Steel, Corded Polyester, Polypropylene

Stainless Steel Strapping & Banding

Strapping - Steel, Corded Polyester, Polypropylene


Whilst Corded Polyester, Polypropylene and Steel Strapping have the common relationship that they are all used in the load securing industry to secure cargo they are used differently depending on the application they are applied to.

Surefast Banding

For instance, if a steel mill wanted to transport a pallet of steel you would need the reliability and strength of Surefast Steel Banding to secure it to a pallet. This type of load has sharp edges which would be able to cut through corded polyester or polypropylene strapping. This results in the load becoming unstable and life threatening. Therefore Steel Banding would be the most suitable.

Surefast ribbon wound steel banding coils contain less metal strap than oscillated steel banding and therefore weigh less, are easier to use and are perfect for someone with low volume use.


Surefast Steel Strapping System Specifications
Part No. Dimensions


SF3002 13mm x 0.5mm Black Ribbon Wound
SF3006 16mm x 0.5mm Black Ribbon Wound
SF3010 19mm x 0.5mm Black Ribbon Wound
SF3018 32mm x 0.8mm Black Ribbon Wound
SF3019 32mm x 0.8mm  Black Hi Tensile Ribbon Wound
SF3022 13mm x 0.5mm Oscillated
SF3026 16mm x 0.5mm  Oscillated
SF3030 19mm x 0.5mm  Oscillated
SF3032 19mm x 0.5mm  Oscillated

In a Timber yard Surefast Corded Polyester strapping might be used instead of steel banding to secure logs of wood outside as it is weather resistant and won’t corrode. If steel banding was used, it may rust and weaken threatening to snap, therefore spilling the load.

Corded polyester strapping is manufactured by gluing together polyester filaments providing a high strength strapping system. Corded strapping remains six times lighter than steel strapping and is recommended for strapping when securing heavy pallets, containers or for bundling industrial loads. 

Surefast Corded Polyester Strapping

Surefast Corded Polyester Strapping System Specifications
Product No Width Length

Approx Linear Break

SF4001 13mm 1100m 375kg
SF4002 16mm 850m 450kg
SF4004 16mm 600m 600kg
SF4005 19mm 500m 725kg
SF4006 19mm 400m 925kg
SF4008 25mm 400m 1250kg
SF4010 38mm 100m 2000kg

A packaging company that sends out small parcels would be recommended to use Surefast Polypropylene Strapping to secure the parcels due to its light weight and small breaking strain. Using strapping such as corded polyester would be over kill as it has a much greater breaking strain. Steel banding again has a higher breaking strain but is also very heavy so would not be recommended for this type of application. Additionally, Polypropylene Strapping would be more economical.

Surefast Polypropylene Strapping

Surefast Polypropylene Strapping Tools Specifications
Part No. Description Thickness Reel Material Type Breaking Strain
SF6001 9mm Polystrap x 3000m Light PR  Surefast Polypropylene 110kg
SF6002 12mm Polystrap x 2000m Light PR Surefast Polypropylene 135kg
SF6003 12mm Polystrap x 1500m Medium PR Surefast Polypropylene 190kg
SF6004 12mm Polystrap x 1200m Heavy PR Surefast Polypropylene 235kg
SF6005 12mm Polystrap x 1000m Extra HD PR Surefast Polypropylene 300kg
SF6006 16mm Polystrap x 800m Heavy C/C Surefast Polypropylene 320kg

All Surefast strapping products have their own advantages & benefits so next time you have a strapping application think carefully about the straps properties and your applications needs. Reid Brothers own branded strappings Surefast® are used used in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Timber
  • Scaffolding
  • Builders Merchants
  • Plastic Industry
  • Steel
  • Oil & Gas
  • Subsea

Timber Industry Spotlight - typical strapping applications :

Sheet Materials

  • MDF Standard
  • MDF Moisture Resistant
  • Plywood WBP
  • Plywood Birch
  • Plywood Shuttering
  • OSB
  • T&G Chipboard
  • Pinboard
  • Hardboard
  • Plasterboard


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Corded Polyester Strapping Systems

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