Prevent Static Discharge from Gas Meters

By Chris Dodds on 20th June, 2014

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Prevent Static Discharge from Gas Meters

 3M Cold Shrink Tube Solutions.

 When commercial gas meters are un-installed, there is a need to prevent static discharge from the steel pipework onto which the meter is mounted.

To allow this work to be done safely and without recourse to sub-contracting a qualified electrician to cross-bond the pipework, you can now choose 3M Cold Shrink Tubes.

T&D carry large stocks of 3M Cold Shrink in both EPDM rubber and Silicone for flame retarded, fire resistant applications - this info is provided courtesy of Mike Poulton, 3M Channel Manager.

3m Cold Shrink tubes are open-ended, tubular rubber (EPDM) sleeves that are factory expanded then assembled onto a removable core. These are then supplied in this pre-stretched condition for field Prevent Static Discharge from Gas Metersinstallation.

Once the cold shrink core has been positioned over an inline connection, terminal lug or other similar applications ready for installation, the 3M core is removed. This allowed the cold shrink tube to shrink accordingly and form a waterproof seal.

3M cold shrink tubes are quicker, easier and safer to install as they are applied cold as opposed to the heat shrink alternatives.

Also use 3M Cold shrink for primary electrical insulation for rubber and plastic insulated splices up to 1000 volts, directly bury or submersible, moisture sealing for high voltage air insulated connectors and lugs, dig-in repairs, cable sheath repairs and waterproof sealing of low voltage cables.

Video: Cold Shrink vs. Heat Shrink Tube Demonstration via 3M YouTube


3M Silicone Cold Shrink Tubes Technical Data Sheet

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