Stainless Steel Feeder Pillars For LV Power Distribution

By Chris Dodds on 14th April, 2014

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Stainless Steel Feeder Pillars For LV Power Distribution

Stainless steel feeder pillars are a cost-effective alternative to galvanised steel for providing LV power with several key advantages.

T&D are the largest UK distributor of the Lucy Zodion range of Feeder Pillars for providing low voltage power distribution.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Feeder Pillars

  1. Corrosion Resistant - stainless steel feeder pillars provide extended service life compared to standard galvanised steel pillars reducing total cost of ownership
  2. Excellent Sealing - closer manufacturing tolerances ensure improved sealing protection against dust and weather
  3. Visual Impact - powder coated stainless steel pillars enhance the appearance and can be coloured to suit the local environment
  4. Environmentally Friendly - stainless steel does not rust, stain or corrode maintaining aesthetic standards without need for sacrificial protection
  5. Stronger Safer - high strength stainless steel ensures a thinner gauge material can be used - feeder pillars are therefore lighter on site enabling safer handling and easier installation whilst maintaining integrity after minor collisions

Typical Applications :

  • Power Stations
  • Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals
  • Port & Airport Authorities
  • Renewable Energy & Mining
  • Utilities
  • Street Lighting
  • Construction
  • Rail

T&D provide customised pre-wired feeder pillars (single phase or 3 phase) to suit specific project requirements and specifications, including metering enclosures for UK DNO's.

Stainless Steel Feeder Pillars - Network Rail Trackside Cabinets

T&D are Approved Vendors to Network Rail -Rail Feeder Pillars - LV Power Distribution Lucy Zodion Feeder Pillars are approved and in service throughout the UK rail network for trackside applications - this includes fibre and copper termination and cable jointing.

Lucy Zodion pillars are supplied with wooden backboards to allow mounting of cable termination equipment and connectors to project specification. Customised pre-wired distribution feeder pillars are available for power, lighting and control applications.

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