Roxtec Cable & Pipe Sealing Transits For Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

By Chris Dodds on 17th February, 2016

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Roxtec Cable & Pipe Sealing Transits For Offshore Oil & Gas Industry



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T&D are UK Distributors for Roxtec, the market leading manufacturers of Cable Duct & Pipe Sealing Transits. 

Roxtec cable and pipe seals are certified to reduce the risks of water ingress, gas migration, fire spread, blast effects and exposure hazards in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Little Blue Modules in the Deep Blue Sea

Roxtec |Cable Pipe Seals - Offshore Oil Gas

My 'one year ago today' reminder from a well-known social media site sparked memories today of my first experiences of 'cable transit systems'.

Deep in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, aboard the largest Jack-up rig in the world – Maersk Intrepid - drilling the first wells in the Martin Linge Oil Field for Total,  my caption read;

“172 hours worked in 11 days, 60 miles offshore, 1 commissioned Rotomill...Go hard or go home!!”

All eyes were on this project, from all of the major North Sea oil companies, to the Norwegian Government. It was set to revolutionise the way drilling waste was dealt with offshore and keep in line with Norway's strict green credentials. 

Admittedly, as the Project Manager taking over the install of the first electrically driven offshore drill cutting processing plant, at the time I wasn't looking at the specific detail of what the transit systems were - indeed, at the time I couldn't have told you they were Roxtec Patented technology!

But I did know that they were THE part of the project that didn't cause ANY trouble and I could rely on to perform. Proving the case that often the best things in engineering go unnoticed due to their innate ability to absolutely perform to task.

Roxtec Seals

I took for granted the ease of ability and essential requirement to pass more and more, and yet more cables through the Ex-Rated power transformer container.

All fitted with the rig in full operation, no Ex-re-certification or hot work permit required!In fact the only marginally transit related issue I do remember is becoming quite vocal with the Lead Electrician telling him to "shove more cables through the transit before the end of the shift or shove them somewhere else............" Which, incidentally he completed no problem. 

From the original Qty 3 off 300mm sq single core power cables transiting through the power container when I first boarded, at time of commission sign off there was ~90 power, signal and control cables ranging from cat5 to single core power, and everything in between. 

Not only did we not know how many cables we needed,  there was no way of knowing the size of cables we were going to receive offshore.

So the peelable, Multi Diameter layers of the Roxtec modules were an absolute god send as we could adapt the modules to fit the cables, keeping the project moving forward at a rapid pace. 

I can whole heatedly say,  had it not been for the innovation of Roxtec Multi-Diameter, Multi Cable Transit systems, I would still be aboard the Maersk Intrepid today, £millions over budget and holding up one of the most high profile projects in the North Sea - if not thrown off the rig all together and lost the project!

No wonder I love these little blue modules so much!! 


  • Roxtec Cable & Pipe Sealing Transits - Offshore Oil & Gas 



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Roxtec Cable & Pipe Sealing Transits - Offshore Oil & Gas

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