Heat Shrink Joints

3M Heat Shrink JointsCable Joints - 3M Heat Shrink Joints

XLPE/PVC Insulation, Steel Wire Armour Cables Rated to 0.6/1kV

The benefits of 3M heat shrink joints : 

*No resin to mix or curing delays with heat shrink joints
*Immediate energisation and backfill capability - suitable for underground

*Suitable for ducting, vertical and overhead cable jointing
*Light and compact heat shrink joints for space and weight savings

3M heat shrink cable joints are suitable for XLPE / PVC insulation, steel wire armour cables up to 600v/1kV. Each heat shrink joint includes adhesive lined heat shrink tubes, armour continuity and jointing instructions. Heat shrink cable joints are also available for transition and trifurcating applications.

Pictured : 3M Heat Shrink Joints


Heat Shrink Joints - 3M


Heat Shrink Joints Benefits - Quick and easy to joint cables, immediate backfill of cable trench, immediate energisation ("power-up"), slim profile and lightweight, suit underground, overhead and submersible cable joint applications. Heat shrink joints should be installed by cable jointers using a soft flame blow torch - care must be taken not to scorch or cause burning damage to the the heat shrink tubing during jointing as this can cause cable joint degradation and ultimately failure overtime.

Heat shrink joints are designed to cable joint polymeric insulated cables (XLPE & EPR) and paper insulated cables (PILC) up to 3.3kV - joints are kitted to cater for cable conductors up to 400sqmm 4 core, both armoured or unarmoured. Cable joint kits include heat shrink tubes to provide re-insulation to the conductor connection (whether crimped or mechanical connector) and re-building of the cable sheath.

Adobe 3M Heat Shrink Cable Joints - Instruction

Adobe 3M Heat Shrink Cable Joints - 91AHA