Panduit MEHT187 Stainless Steel Offshore & Marine Cable Marking Systems

By Chris Dodds on 11th August, 2014

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Panduit MEHT187 Stainless Steel Offshore & Marine Cable Marking Systems

T&D are supplying Ocean Patriot, a North Sea based semi-submersible oil rig owned and managed by Diamond Offshore, with several Panduit MEHT187 stainless steel cable marking systems for identifying offshore and marine cables.

Today T&D look at what the Panduit MEHT187 is and how it is likely to be used for marking and identifying offshore and marine cables.

Panduit MEHT187 Stainless Steel Offshore & Marine Cable Marking SystemPanduit MEHT187 Stainless Steel Offshore & Marine Cable Marking System

Panduit are a global manufacturer of infrastructure solutions with a large range of cabling and wiring products distributed by T&D :  Panduit Cable Ties, Enclosures, Electrical Safety, Identification, Heat Shrink & Wiring Duct.

Pictured: The Panduit MEHT187 Stainless Steel Offshore & Marine Cable Marking System

The Panduit MEHT187 is an on-site, custom, stainless steel cable marking system that is lightweight, portable and compact. Due to the Panduit MEHT187's ease of use, it is perfect for use by workers on oil rigs and other offshore and marine applications. 

Panduit MEHT187 can be used to create tags using ½" wide metal tapes. With a variety of features, the Panduit tool offers:

Panduit MEHT187 Cable Marking

  • A manual tape advance/reverse wheel with lever
  • An in-line multi-function cutting die. This creates tags in a single actuation 
  • A self adjusting drive roller
  • Preview window for centering text, embossing letters and viewing how much tape remains

Video : Panduit MEHT187 Quick Start Guide

How Panduit MEHT187 Offshore Cable Marking System Could Be Used On-Site

The Ocean Patriot is an offshore oil drilling rig located off the coast of England in the North Sea. Weighing in at 13,432 metric tonnes, the Ocean Patriot was constructed in 1983 at La Seyne shipyard in France and has the capacity to hold over 13,000 barrels worth of oil. 

Within the Ocean Patriot oil rig, there are various cables and wires that must be contained and correctly labelled - this includes low and high voltage power, instrumentation and control cables. As the oil rig includes Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas, with potentially explosive atmospheres, a heat shrink type cable marking system requiring "hot-working" could not be considered. The Panduit stainless steel cable marking system is "cold-applied" and therefore compatible for use within hazardous area locations due to a material flammability rating of "Non-Flammable".

With a maximum exposure temperature of - 538°C, the Panduit MEHT187 type 316 stainless steel cable marking system, is suitable for identifying critical fire resistant cables including lighting and emergency power cables. 

Stainless steel cable marking systems exhibit high resistance to corrosion, sand, salt, acids, hydrocarbons, temperature, chemicals and also UV for outdoor cable identification. In addition to this, the actual cable marking withstands external forces such as wind, rain and saltwater corrosion.

Panduit MEHT187 is suitable for oil, gas, petrochem, rail, offshore, marine, construction, utilities and hazardous area cable marking.

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Pictured: Ocean Patriot Offshore Oil Rig

Panduit MEHT187 Cable Marking Tool

Pictured: Permanent Cable Markers Made Using The Panduit MEHT187

Panduit MEHT187 Cable Markers

Video: Onboard The Ocean Patriot Oil Rig During December 2011




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Panduit MEHT187 Stainless Steel Offshore & Marine Cable Marking Systems

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