Panduit Cable Ties, Enclosures, Electrical Safety, Identification, Heat Shrink & Wiring Duct

Panduit Cable Ties, Enclosures, Electrical Safety, Identification, Heat Shrink & Wiring Duct



T&D UK are stockist distributors for Panduit - this includes the extensive range of Panduit Cable Ties, Enclosures, Electrical Safety (Lock Out & Tag Out), Cable Identification, Heat Shrink, Wiring Duct and Tools.


Established in 1955, the first Panduit product was Panduit Wiring Duct. This was an innovative product which was easily organised control panel wiring and allowed for new wires and cables to to be added quickly, neatly and efficiently.

Since those beginnings almost 60 years ago, Panduit has added thousands of products to its range and are just as committed to providing network and electrical infrastructure solutions. 

The Panduit Range Distributed By Thorne & Derrick

Panduit Cable Ties, Enclosures, Electrical Safety, Identification, Heat Shrink & Wiring Duct

  • Panduit Cable Ties

The range of cable ties from Panduit provide comprehensive bundling solutions including cable ties that are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying in a variety of applications.

Panduit cable ties are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards to deliver maximum reliability. As part of the total cable bundling solution, Panduit provides a broad range of cable tie installation tools to optimise safety and speed. 

Panduit Cable Ties

Panduit Nylon Cable Ties with steel barb, Super-Grip cable ties, two piece nylon cable ties, lashing cable ties and automatic cable ties

Panduit Pan-Ty Nylon Cable Ties

Push Mount Cable Ties including with steel barb.

Panduit Push Mount Cable Ties

Panduit Marker & Flag Cable Ties marker and flag ties with steel barb and two piece marker and flag cable ties.

Panduit Flag And Marker Cable Ties

Panduit Clamp Ties with steel barb and two piece clamp ties.

Panduit Clamp Ties
  • Panduit Copper Systems  

Panduit offers a full line of innovative copper products that meet the most demanding industry requirementsfor data and telecommunication applications. Systems are designed to support emerging technologies which include Voice over IP and Gigabit Ethernet. These products exceed the latest industry standards in order to provide assurance of network reliability. 

Copper jack modules, punchdown systems, patch cords, patch panels, cable assemblies, and pre-terminated solutions all provide the greatest value by assuring reliability and providing a solid foundation for future network growth.

Panduit Copper Systems
  • Panduit Enclosures  

Panduit provides a complete line of zone cabling products for a variety of applications including open office architecture, telecommunication enclosures, data centers, wireless deployments and network integration of Building Automation Systems.

Each zone cabling product serves as a main distribution point for a particular zone. This increases network flexibility, manageability, accessibility, and efficiency whilst utilising a distributed network and a Zone Cabling Topology for your physical infrastructure can solve telecommunication room congestion. In addition to this, centralised fiber backbone cables can be integrated into the solution. This will mean that the reach of your network is extended beyond copper limitations.

Panduit Zone Enclosures
  • Panduit Electrical Safety And Lock Out  

Lockout Tagout - Multiple Lockout-  Performs a variety of lockout functions : lockout single or multiple disconnects, lockout gate valves and lockout of large electrical equipment. The multiple lockout can be used alone as a lockout hasp or with provided cable to lock out a range of electrical applications.

Panduit lockout devices are compact and easy to install made from rugged polycarbonate and stainless steel providing strength, durability, added electrical security and corrosion resistance.

Panduit Electrical Safety And Lock Out

Panduit wire and cable ducting and trunking ranges are high specification, innovative wiring duct products used to route, protect and conceal wiring. 

Panduit continue to develop new wiring and cable duct solutions to meet the cable and wire management challenges of the electrical contractor and control panel builder. 

Panduit Wiring Duct
Panduit Pneumatic Cable Tools

Pictured: Panduit Cable Tie Tools Range

Panduit Cable Tie Tools Range

Panduit Stainless Steel Cable Ties - MLT - Self-Locking Stainless Steel Cable Ties, ideal for use in harsh enviroments, all of the cable tie edges are fully rounded and are available in types 304 and 316 stainless steel. Panduit stainless steel cable ties are self-locking and have a low thread force. UL listed for air handling spaces (UL2043).  
  • Panduit Abrasion Protection And Heat Shrink


Panduit Heat Shrink and Abrasion Protection products provide both and easy to install and economical method  of insulating, protecting, harnessing, and identifying electrical and electronic components and cable.

A wide variety of materials and sizes are available in order to meet a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications, while providing the lowest installed cost.

To help assure optimum quality, Panduit products are designed and manufactured to meet applicable quality standards and ensure continuity within the physical infrastructure.

Panduit Abrasion Protection And Heatshrink

Terminals: Panduit Terminals are designed and manufactured for superior electrical performance. A comprehensive range of high quality insulated and non-insulated terminals, disconnects, splices, wire joints and ferrules offered in loose piece, reel fed, and various other configurations with worldwide availability. 

Power Connectors: Panduit is a global leader in reliable termination solutions that provide ease of identification, fast installation and optimum conductivity to meet a variety of electrical applications. Terminations with Pan-Lug™ Power and Grounding Connectors are approved by UL, CSA and are the first to meet NEBS Level 3 requirements as tested by Telcordia Technologies. 

Grounding: Panduit offers end-to-end solutions to meet customer needs and today's critical application requirements for grounding data centers. Panduit® StructuredGround™ System for Data Center Grounding provides a high quality, visually verifiable and dedicated grounding path to maintain system performance, improve network reliability and protect network equipment and personnel. The Panduit grounding products are highly reliable and meets all the set grounding and bonding industry standards.

Panduit Terminals Connectors And Grounding

Panduit Tools - Stainless Steel Cable Ties Tools

  • Side entry of cable ties into the Panduit tool for quick istallation
  • Automatic Panduit cable tie tension and cut-off capabilities
  • High reliability, low maintenance, long life Panduit cable tie tools

Panduit Cable Ties - Controlled Tension and Cut-off Tools

  • Tool controlled tension provides flush cut-off and speeds installation
  • Lightweight and balanced Panduit cable tie installation tools
  • Easy to change tool tension adjustment and easy to operate


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Panduit Cable Ties, Enclosures, Electrical Safety, Identification, Heat Shrink & Wiring Duct Cat


Panduit Cable Ties, Enclosures, Electrical Safety, Identification, Heat Shrink, Wiring Duct Prices

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