First UK Polyurethane Coated - Flexicon LTPPU Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit

By Chris Dodds on 8th September, 2014

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First UK Polyurethane Coated - Flexicon LTPPU Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit

Flexicon Flexible Conduits

Flexicon LTPPU Flexible Steel Conduit


Flexicon has extended its range of polyurethane coated flexible conduit by launching a liquid tight range with an IP rating of IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69k. Flexicon LTPPU conduit is particularly suitable for liquid tight applications where you need high abrasion resistance and high fatigue life.

Flexicon LTPPU Conduit

The new liquid tight LTPPU system also offers a high mechanical strength, excellent flexibility and good low temperature performance (down to -40°c), and is halogen, sulphur and phosphorous free. Flexicon flexible conduit type LTPPU has a smooth wipe clean outer cover, that does not wrinkle when bent, and is resistant to oils and greases. It is also UV resistant making it particularly suitable for external applications.

Says Ian Gibson, Technical Director for Flexicon: “Polyurethane is becoming a more prominent material for flexible conduit in Europe as an alternative to PVC. We are the only British manufacturer to offer this as an alternative and it does have certain advantages over more traditional PVC coated conduits, depending on the application. By introducing polyurethane coated flexible conduit, we are offering the market even more choice, enabling customers to match the cable protection needed with the hazards faced. We have 47 different conduit systems available in our current range and for some applications a polyurethane coated flexible conduit system will be the best choice.”

Flexicon LTPPU
Flexicon LTPPU is available in several different diameters ranging from 10mm to 63mm with a number of different compression fittings depending on the method of termination required. This conduit can be used with Flexicon’s comprehensive range of liquid tight fittings which are available in metric, PG and NPT thread variants. Flexicon LTPPU is also compatible with the new range of EXD conduit fittings, which are suitable for hazardous areas.


Flexicon Flexible Steel Conduit LTPPU Specifications
Product No.

Reel Length

Min Inside Bend Radius


25m 35mm


25m 40mm


25m 45mm


25m 65mm


25m 100mm


25m 135mm


10m 175mm


10m 230mm


10m 280mm


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