Food Industry Lighting : GlassGuard BlackBand® LED T8 Lamps

By Chris Dodds on 21st October, 2015

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Food Industry Lighting : GlassGuard BlackBand® LED T8 Lamps

GlassGuard specialise in delivering lighting solutions for the food industry which reduce energy costs and control glass contamination assuring food safety.

GlassGuard's range of lighting solutions satisfy all the requirements of food safety management systems and recognised Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) schemes.

GlassGuard produce Europe's widest range of industry compliant fragment retention lamps (also known as shatterproof lamps) which have an external fluoropolymer coating directly extruded to the outside surface including the end caps.

This fluoropolymer coating controls the implosion in the event of accidental breakage retaining dangerous glass shards, phosphor powders and other contaminants such as heavy metals which can be safely removed.

All GlassGuard products meet with the procedures and requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and the highly acclaimed Blackband range of linear fluorescent lamps are compliant with IEC 61549 International Standards.

Pictured: GlassGuard BlackBand LED T8 Lamps for Food Industry Applications

GlassGuard BlackBand LED T8 Lamps for Food Industry Applications

GlassGuard lighting solutions are ideal for all areas of the food industry including farms, production, manufacturing sites, packaging sites, distribution warehouses and supermarkets.

New for 2015 are high output energy efficient LED tubes in T8 retrofit for use in high frequency enclosed or open rated fluorescent luminaries.

GlassGuard BlackBand LED T8 Lamps - Features & Benefits

  • LED retrofit tubes ensure you maximise the lifetime of the luminaire as you only need to replace the tube at the end of service life
  • Coupled with our open rated IP65 luminaire and its high light output ratio means short payback periods can be achieved
  • Single BlackBand® ring marking
  • Coated to a recognised industry standard
  • Suitable for open and enclosed luminaire operation between -20ºC and 45ºC ambient
  • 99% visible light transmission through coating
  • Coating FDA compliant to 21CRF177.1550 for food contact
  • Coating passes IEC 60598-1 850ºC glow wire and needle flame tests
  • Lamp and coating can be recycled
  • Lamp coating process certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and major lamp
  • Coating service temperature range -70°C to +200°C
  • RoHs compliant
  • Rated to 40,000 hours (4.5 years) service life, significantly reducing maintenance costs
  • 25 W version complete with rotating end caps for beam angle adjustment
  • Significantly reduces the risk of plastic contamination and shedding of particles which can be difficult to detect
  • BlackBand® ring marking allows fast identification during food safety management system audits
  • Coating inert to all acids and alkalis
  • Lamp can be cleaned and washed when used in GlassGuard® IP65 open-rated luminaire
  • Direct retrofit for existing HF (high-frequency) luminaires
  • Suitable for standard and aggressive environments where cleaning chemicals are present*
  • Ideal for cold-room storage

*Luminaire dependent


GlassGuard BlackBand LED T8 Lamps - Product Range
Stock Code Length Wattage Colour Service Life (Hours)  
LED4FT1684/S 4ft / 1200mm 16.5W 840 40,000 -
LED5FT2584ROT/S 5ft / 1500mm 25W 840 40,000 With Rotating End Caps

Pictured: GlassGuard BlackBand LED T8 Lamps

GlassGuard BlackBand LED T8 Lamps


GlassGuard IP65 LED Open-Rated Luminaries - Features & Benefits

  • LED tubes ensure maximum luminaire lifetime (typically 10+ years) as they can be replaced. Most integrated LED (LED strip or board) luminaires cannot be replaced and require removal, re-purchase and installation
  • Coupled with our open rated IP65 luminaire and its high light output ratio means short payback periods can be achieved
  • Choose from either T8 or T5 LED lamp technology
  • Fitted with GlassGuard BlackBand® LED energy efficient lamps
  • No diffuser covers to clean or replace
  • No clips or small working parts that can break off or be lost
  • Emergency option available
  • Lighting control option available
  • LED lamp technology provides in excess of 55% energy savings over conventional T8 lamps*
  • Fast payback period
  • Greater than 80% lumen maintenance and 55,000 hours (6.3 years) service life*
  • Easy replacement LED tubes allow re-use of luminaire body
  • High efficiency with up to 100% light output ratio compared to typically 70% with enclosed luminaires
  • Suitable for open and enclosed luminaire operation between -30ºC and 45ºC ambient*
  • Significantly reduces the risk of glass and plastic contamination from accidental lamp breakage
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • Passes BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and all other food safety management system audits to a high level
  • Suitable for all food process and packaging environments
  • Also suitable for beverage, storage, distribution and warehouses
  • Ideal for cold-room storage

*T8 or T5 dependent

GlassGuard IP65 LED Open-Rated Luminaries - Product Range
Stock Code Fitting Length Wattage Lamp Life  
LED4FTT8IP65S/S Single 4ft / 1200mm 16.5W 40,000 hours -
LED5FTT8IP65S/S Single 5ft / 1500mm 25W 40,000 hours Adjustable Beam Angle
LED5FTT8IP65T/S Twin 5ft / 1500mm 25W 40,000 hours Adjustable Beam Angle

Video: GlassGuard Blackband Shatterproof Lamps





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