Recommendations for Re-Energizing Flood-Damaged Electrical Equipment by Littelfuse

By Chris Dodds on 29th January, 2016

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Recommendations for Re-Energizing Flood-Damaged Electrical Equipment by Littelfuse

The following article by Littelfuse is a timely reminder to electricians and managers of industrial facilities and large commercial buildings of the hazards associated with working around electrical equipment that has been exposed to flood water, and provides instructions for a safe restoration.

Flood waters are generally contaminated and leave conductive and/or corrosive residues inside equipment that can produce shock and fire hazards. Affected electrical equipment should be replaced or refurbished to avoid risk of fire and shock.



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1. Make sure the power is actually off. 

2. Inspect the surrounding area for standing water. 

3. Identify electrical equipment that was or may have been submerged. 

4. Inspect electrical equipment that was not submerged.

5. Replace or refurbish large electrical equipment.

6. Replace small components of wiring infrastructure.

7. Replace circuit protection devices and power distribution devices.

8. Examine busways and replace or recondition them.

9. Inspect motor control equipment and replace or refurbish.

10. Inspect power equipment.

11. Replace dry-type transformers, and analyze liquid-filled transformers.

12. Replace wire, cable or flexible cord

13. Replace or refurbish other devices.


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Recommendations for Re-Energizing Flood-Damaged Electrical Equipment by Littelfuse

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