Littelfuse Powr-Gard - Circuit Protection

Littelfuse Powr-Gard - Circuit Protection




T&D are distributors for the Littelfuse range of Powr-Gard Fuses, blocks, holders, relays, controls and MOVs.

Littelfuse products help protect low and medium voltage electrical equipment used in construction, general industrial, oil and gas, solar, mining and OEM applications. We offer a broad and reliable selection of Littelfuse fuses, fuse blocks, protection relays, and generator controls to improve safety and reduce downtime. 

For decades, Littelfuse have helped OEMs, electrical installers, design engineers and end-users select the right product for their applications.

Today, Littelfuse offers a broader range of products addressing protection, sensing and control needs while still providing the same great service and support that customers have learned to expect.


  • Fuses

Class L Fuses

Class RK1 Fuses

Class RK5 Fuses

Class K5 Fuses

UL Supplemental / 10 x 38 Fuses

Class J Fuses

Class T Fuses

Class G Fuses

Class CC / CD Fuses

Littelfuse Fuses Range


  • Electronic Fuses & Automotive Blade

Glass / Electronic Fuses

Blade / Automotive Fuses

Littelfuse Electronic Fuses & Automotive Blade



  • Medium Voltage Fuses 

Medium Voltage Fuses Overview

E-Rated Medium Voltage Fuses

R-Rated Medium Voltage Fuses

Littelfuse Medium Voltage Fuses



  • Telecommunication Products

Telecommunications Power Fuses

Littelfuse Telecom Fuses



  • Special Purpose Fuses

Solar Products Overview

1500 Vdc Solar Rated Fuses

1000 Vdc Solar Rated Fuses

Forklift / Stud Mounted Fuses

Plug Fuses MEGA®

Bolt-Down Fuses

Cable Limiters

Cylindrical Fuses

OEM Custom Products

L Series (Traditional) Semiconductor Fuses

LA Series (Alternate Dimension) Semiconductor Fuses

Square Body Semiconductor Fuses

Littelfuse Special Purpose Fuses



  • Fuse Blocks & Holders

LF Series Fuse Blocks Overview

Class J Fuse Blocks

Class H , K5 & R Fuse Blocks

Class T Fuse Blocks

Class G Fuse Blocks

Class CC / CD & Midget Fuse Blocks

LF Series Fuse Block Covers

Solar Rated Fuse Blocks

Distribution & Splicer Blocks

Miscellaneous Fuse Blocks & Holders

Dead Front Fuse Holders

Semiconductor Fuse Blocks

In-Line Fuse Holders

Littelfuse Blocks & Holders


  • Pre-Engineered Solutions

LCP Fused Selective Coordination Panel

LPS Series POWR-Switch (Shunt Trip Disconnect)


Littelfuse Pre-Engineered Solutions


  • Protection Relays & Controls

Relay & Control Products Overview

Feature Comparisons

Ground-Fault Protection

Trailing Cable Protection

Trailing Cable Protection

Motor Protection

Pump & Feeder Protection

Industrial GFCI (Shock-Block™)

Generator Control

Generator & Single-Function Protection

Custom-Engineered Electrical Equipment

Alarm Monitoring

Arc-Flash Protection

Engine Control & Diagnosis

Littelfuse Protection Relays & Controls


  • Suppression Products

Industrial Varistor Products

Surge Suppression Fuses

BVSP Suppression Fuses

Littelfuse Suppression Products


  • Miscellaneous Accessories

Fuse Reducers 

Fuse Replacement & Custom Kit (FRCK Series)

Box Cover Units

Fuse Display & Cabinet 

Littelfuse Miscellaneous Accessories


Video: Protect Yourself from Electrical Hazards : Littelfuse Arc-Flash Relay

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