Cutting & Assembling Flexicon Flexible Conduits

By Chris Dodds on 8th September, 2014

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Cutting & Assembling Flexicon Flexible Conduits

Flexicon Flexible Conduits

The Uses And Benefits


T&D are Approved Stockists and Distributors for the Flexicon range of Flexible Conduits including hazardous area EXD flameproof conduits, liquid tight conduits, industrial conduits and flexible metallic conduits with optional coating or braiding protection.

Flexicon Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit

What Exactly Is A Flexible Conduit?

Cable conduits are protective tubes that are put around cables to protect from dirt,damp and any other potentially damaging external problem. When cables are laid, they must have adequate protection to ensuretheir longevity and safety. Flexible conduits protect and contain power cables, data cables, wiring and fibre optic cables.  

Flexicon Features & Benefits - Market Leading Flexible Conduit Systems

  • High compression strength - Flexicon conduit suits extensive range of industrial applications, including heavy duty
  • High pull off strength - Flexicon conduit maintains integrity of the conduit system in extreme and hazardous area applications
  • Wide temperature tolerances - Flexicon conduit suitable for diverse range of operating environments
  • High impact strength - Flexicon conduit withstands impact forces such as falling objects
  • EMC screening performance - Flexicon conduit protects against electromagnetic interference
  • High IP rating up to IP69K - Flexicon conduit at no risk of water or dust ingress 

FPA Fitting From Flexicon - The Ultimate Conduit Fitting

The Flexicon FPA(X) range of flexible conduit fittings offer the ultimate solution for cable protection. Offering the highest pull off strength across all sizes, due to its all round teeth, it has incredibly high levels of Ingress Protection and is available from 10mm upto 67mm sizes.

Non-Metallic Conduits

Non-metallic flexible conduits and Flexicon FLP up to 34mm can be easily cut with Flexicon Conduit Cutters, part number CC01. Use Flexicon conduit cutter CC02 for conduit up to 67mm. Drop the blade into a corrugation and squeeze and twist until conduit is 50% cut through. Cut the remaining 50% flexible conduit without twisting to achieive a square cut.

Flexicon Non-Metallic Conduit & Fittings

Metallic Conduits

Metallic flexible conduits should be cut with a fine tooth (32 TPI) hacksaw or bandsaw. Ensure you make a straight vertical cut into the flexible conduit. Use Flexicon BSB clamping vice to make a hacksaw use easier.

Flexicon Metallic Conduit & Fittings

Overbraided Conduits

Overbraided conduits is cut easier by tightly wrapping self adhesive tape around the conduit and sawing through the middle of the tape. The tape should be removed if EMC screening is required from the flexible conduit system. Ensure you make a straight vertical cut into the conduit.

Flexicon Overbraided Conduits


Video: FPA Fitting From Flexicon - The Ultimate Conduit Fitting

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