Filoform Cable Joints - UN - T&D Exports

By Chris Dodds on 17th November, 2015

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Filoform Cable Joints - UN - T&D Exports




Manufacturer : Filoform (formerly ISP Cable Joints)

Scope : Supply 330 off Filoform low voltage resin cable joints for XLPE SWA armoured cables.

The electrical materials contract also included approximately 10km of BS5467 XLPE SWA armoured cables plus all BW CW brass cable glands, copper cable lugs, plastic cable cleats and standard galvanised steel cable tray.

Client : UN (MINUSCA)

Country : Central African Republic

Sector : Construction

Filoform resin filled cable joint kits are suitable for connecting power cables up to 1kV (1000 volts) and are suitable for cable jointing underground (direct burial), above ground on cable containment and underwater submerged applications.

Pictured : Filoform Cable Joints

Filoform Cable Joints



Video : Filoform Cable Joints - Resin Joints For LV Power Cables 


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