7 Types of Drill Pipe Float Valves Used In the Oil & Gas Industry

By Chris Dodds on 29th February, 2016

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7 Types of Drill Pipe Float Valves Used In the Oil & Gas Industry

Drill pipe float valves, or non-return valves, are downhole safety valves that create barriers to prevent unwanted flow of fluids up the drill string.

The float valve locks down the flow of fluids while the crew at the rigfloor is making or breaking connections.

Specifying the optimum drill pipe float valve for oil and gas projects is critical - the different valve types extend further than a simple split between the F-type plunger valves and the G-type flapper valves.

For further reading and to view the complete article by Keystone Energy please visit :  7 Types of Drill Pipe Float Valves.


  • Drill Type Float Valves

1. Model F Plunger Type Valve

2. Model FA Ported Plunger Type Valve

3. Model FC Plunger Type Automatic Fill Valve

4. Model G Full Flow Flapper Type Valve

5. Model GA Flapper Type Valve

6. Model GC Automatic Fill Flapper Type Valve

7. Model GCA Automatic Fill/Pressure Monitoring Flapper Type Valve


  • Know Your Drill Pipe Float Valves

Float Valves


  • Keystone Energy Float Valves

Keystone Energy Tools Float Valves are manufactured with alloy steel integral, plungers and cages to deliver the most reliable and efficient float valve available to the oil and gas industry.

All Flappers are investment cast and then case hardened for wear resistance.

Elastomers available are Nitrile Butadiene (NBR /Buna N), Hydrogen Nitrile Butadiene (HNBR), and Viton® (Fluoroelastomer / FKM).

Inconel® or stainless steel springs come standard on all float valves and are significantly more resistant to corrosion when compared to standard service springs provided by most other manufacturers.


Keystone Energy Tools was established to provide the global oil and gas industry with support and stabilityKeystone Energy Tools from a manufacturer with over fifty years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality oilfield tools, including drill pipe float valves, stabbing guides, baffle plates/valves, valve pullers, rotating mouseholes and tong blocks.



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