Detectable Cable Ties for Food Industry

By Chris Dodds on 15th November, 2013

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Detectable Cable Ties for Food Industry

T&D UK are leading stockists and distributors of the Thomas & Betts - Metal Detectable Cable Ties

T&D have supplied BIS Industrial Services with over 10,000 metal detectable cable ties to the Kelloggs Manchester site for routine maintenance and support of cables in processing and production areas.

Thomas & Betts metal content detectable cable ties offer traceability and detection in contamination sensitive industries including food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceuticals.

Thomas & Betts Ty-Raps - Cable Ties

Metal Detectable Cable Ties are used when detection of foreign objects in consumable products is critical to avoid recalls and liabilities.

Thomas & Betts metal detectable cable ties are designed for theMetal Detectable Cable Ties - Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Cable Ties food and beverage processing industries to meet safety standards set by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) to minimize the risk of contamination.

Detectable cable ties are nylon based cable ties with metal content dispersed throughout the head and strap.

A unique manufacturing process, involving the inclusion of a metallic pigment, enables even small "cut-off" sections on the detectable cable tie to be detected by standard metal detection and X-ray equipment. The unique blue colour assists in the visual detection and greatly reduces the risk of contamination and costly recalls.

Detectable Cable Ties, Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap - Detection Methods

Metal Detection
Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap metal content detectable cable ties have been tested and are rated at 1.5mm diameter ferrous sphere setting. Therefore sensitive enough to be picked up by nearly every metal detector in service.

X Ray Detection
X-Rays are the future of the detection industry, depending on the density of the product being verified, Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap metal content detectable cable ties reach an impressive differential of between 200-2000 on the X-Ray grey scale.

Visual Detection
Visual detection systems detect surface irregularities and volume changes. This method of visual detection is often used in beverage and chemical processing plants. The bright blue colour ensures an easy visual detection of Thomas & Betts Ty-Raps.

Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Cable Ties support, fasten, bundle, clamp and manage cables and wires. Thomas & Betts high performance Ty-Rap cable ties with integral stainless steel locking heads for industrial, hazardous area, construction and high voltage cable installations.

Thomas & Betts premium performance Ty-Rap cable ties : UV resistant, flame retardant, heat resistant, weatherproof, low and high temperature flexibility, radiation resistant (IEEE383), chemical resistant, low smoke and fume (LSF), low smoke zero halogen (LSOH), non-outgassing and metal detectable.


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Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap - Metal Detectable Cable Ties

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