Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Ties - A Solution For The Food & Beverage Industry

By Chris Dodds on 14th August, 2012

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Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Ties - A Solution For The Food & Beverage Industry

Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Cable Ties

Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Ties


Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap detectable cable ties are made from standard nylon or polypropylene, and incorporate a unique compound detectable by metal detectors and x-ray equipment. The cable ties are bright blue in colour which makes them easy to spot. 

Pictured: Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Ties

Thomas & Betts Metal Detectable Cable Ties

The Ty-rap detectable cable ties have a smooth body with an infinitely adjustable design and a stainless steel locking device.

These cable ties are a contamination solution for the food and beverage industry and may aid companies in meeting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) safety standards and the European Union (EU) hygiene monitoring regulations.

Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Tie Features

  • Detectable by metal detectors set at minimum 1.5mm ferrous sphere
  • Detectable by x-ray equipment
  • Bright blue color allows easy visual detection, especially on white conveyor systems
  • Buoyant Polypropylene version available for use in liquid-processing applications
  • Material - Polyamide (Nylon 6.6) or Polypropylene, for use in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C) 


Ty-Rap Detectable Ties


Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Tie Applications: Food and beverage processing, Pharmaceutical production, Chemical and compounds manufacturing, Tobacco processing, Tire and airbag manufacturing.

Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Tie Technical Specifications
Cat. No Tie Length Body Width Max. Wire Bundle Tensile Strength Base Material
TY523M-NDT 91.90mm 2.36mm 15.90mm 80N/m² Nylon
TY524M-NDT 139.70mm 3.56mm 28.70mm 178N/m² Nylon
TY525M-NDT 186mm 4.70mm 44.40mm 220N/m² Nylon
TY527M-NDT 340mm 6.86mm 89mm 540N/m² Nylon
TY528M-NDT 361mm 4.70mm 102mm 220N/m² Nylon
TY523M-PDT 91.90mm 2.36mm 15.90mm 80N/m² Polypropylene
TY525M-PDT 186mm 4.70mm 44.40mm 135N/m² Polypropylene
TY527M-PDT 340mm 6.86mm 89mm 267N/m² Polypropylene
TY528M-PDT 361mm 4.75mm 102mm 135N/m² Polypropylene


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Thomas & Betts Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Ties

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