CATU C'Diag The Award Winning Continuity Tester - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH

By Chris Dodds on 22nd January, 2016

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CATU C'Diag The Award Winning Continuity Tester - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH










T&D are the UK's largest stockist and supplier of the CATU Electrical Safety Equipment, protecting cable jointers, lineman, electrical engineers and substation workers.

CATU's C'diag Touch continuity tester is specifically designed for electrical engineers and contractors taking measurements for the compulsory tests of low voltage facilities in the commercial and industrial sectors. 

CATU C'Diag Continuity Tester

At the 20th Mesures Magazine Technology Awards held on 1st October 2015, CATU's C'Diag Touch was awarded in the category of Electrical / Electronical Instrumentation.

Mesures magazine is a technical journal focused on automation and application systems. Mesures annual Technology Awards rewards only the most innovative instruments and solutions.

Catu C Diag Continuity Tester

CATU C'Diag continuity tester has an integrated test-lead point and can be used single handedly due to the testers ergonomic and lightweight design.

A TFT screen provides a clear and simple display for readings which changes from green to red should the detected continuity resistance exceed the conformity threshold.

An additional audible alarm triggers in the event of dangerous voltage being detected to warn the user, who can then take all the necessary precautionary measures.

The CATU C'Diag is powered by 2 x 1.5V batteries which can provide up to 15,000 tests before needing to be replaced.

Pictured: CATU C'Diag Continuity Tester

CATU C'Diag Continuity Tester

CATU's C'Diag Touch is available alone or with its additional main unit for isolation testing which can be connected wirelessly allowing for safe remote measurement.

The CP-100B base features IP2X connection terminals and provides optimised storage. It also features shock absorbing bumpers to help protect the C'Diag continuity tester.

Pictured: CATU C'Diag Continuity Tester with Main Unit for Insulation Testing

CATU C'Diag Continuity Tester with Main Unit for Insulation Testing

A complete set of accessories (lead, handling kit, test-lead points, reel, rod) makes the device perfectly compatible with most test situations.

CATU C Diag Touch Continuity Tester - Technical Specification
Part Number CP-100C CP-100B
Measuring Range 0Ω to 120Ω 10kΩ to 999MΩ
Measuring Current 200mA if R ≤ 2 Ω, 20mA otherwise
20mA (Eco mode enabled) for R from 0Ω to 120Ω
Configurable Voltages N/A 50V DC, 100V DC, 250V DC, 500V DC, 1,000V DC
Programmable Conformity Threshold (BEEP) 1Ω or 2Ω Off, 0.25MΩ, 0.5MΩ, 1MΩ, 2MΩ, 100MΩ
Standards IEC 61557-4 IEC 61557-2
Operating Temperature -10 to +45ºC -10 to +45ºC
Storage Temperature -25 to +70ºC -25 to +70ºC
Maximum Relative Humidity 80% 80%
Dimensions 231.1 x 56.9 x 36 244.5 x 132.6 x 85.8
Weight (With Batteries) 289.70g 907.45g
Pollution Degree 2 2
Installation Category III 600V with cap
II 600V without cap
III 600V
IP, IK IK 06 IP 40  IK 06 IP 40
Battery Type 2 * Alkaline LR06 4 * Alkaline LR06
Fuse Type N/A 500V 500mA 6.3 x 32mm Breaking current 50kA
Double Insulated Yes Yes
Electrical Safety EN 61010-1 EN 601010-1
EMC EN 61326-1 61326-2 EN 61326-1 61326-2
Wireless EN 300220-1 et -2 EN 300220-1 et -2
Wireless Device Category CAT 2 CAT 2
Wireless Power ≤ 10mW ≤ 10mW
Wireless Frequency Band ISM433 MHz (433.075 to 434.775) Band ISM433 MHz (433.075 to 434.775)
Altitude < 2000m < 2000m



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CATU C Diag Touch Continuity Tester

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