CATU LV Electrical Rescue Kit (1000V) - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH

By Chris Dodds on 15th June, 2016

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CATU LV Electrical Rescue Kit (1000V) - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH

T&D are the UK's Main Distributor for CATU Electrical Safety Equipment for working on underground cables, overhead lines, switchgear and substations up to 400kV.

To satisfy the requirement for Low Voltage Electric Rescue Kits, T&D working exclusively with CATU have produced an electrical safety kit to enable safe intervention and rescue in an electrocution situation up to 1000V. 

This new product launch complements the existing CATU Life Rescue Kits for intervention in high voltage substations - CATU CZ-53-R (11kV-24kV) and CATU CZ-53-R/2 (33kV-36kV) mobile kits are also available as wall-mounted options. 

The new Low Voltage Rescue Kit which was conceived following market consultation and research by T&D provides a cost-efficient investment in electrical safety. 


CATU Low Voltage Rescue Kit (1000 Volts) - TDLVR1

Kit Contents

CATU MO-286 Face Shield
  • Face Shield

Protect against electric arcs and short circuits - protective clear face shield screen that can be used without a helmet. 


Catu MO186 Face Shield
CATU MS-918-L Voltage Detector
  • Voltage Detector

Prove the absence of voltage up to 1000V.

Catu MS-918-L Voltage Detector
CATU CGM-0-10 Insulating Gloves
  • Insulating Gloves

Class 0 gloves protect against electrical shock up to 1000V. Arc flash tested. Mechanical and electrical protection provided - no additional leather overgloves required.

Catu CGM-0-10 Insulating Gloves
CATU CS-45 Rescue Hook
  • Rescue Hook

Insulated hook to move the electrocution victim away from live conductor or safely manoeuvre a potentially live conductor away from the victim.

Catu CS-45 Rescue Hook
CATU MP-220 Insulating Matting
  • Insulating Matting

Insulating rubber mat used to insulate the rescuer from earth or to cover potentially live conductors. Class 0 rated, 1 x 1 metre.

Catu MP-220 Insulating Matting
CATU MO-67501 Insulated Cable Cutter
  • Cable Cutters

Ergonomic dual-layer cable cutter with a white insulating layer - high mechanical strength. 

Catu MO-67501 Insulated Cable Cutters
HSE Electric Shock 
  • Wall Poster

First aid procedure poster.

Electric Shock Poster



  • Storage Bag

Storage carrying bag

Catu Storage Bag


Price : £811.85 plus VAT & Delivery 


CATU CGM Insulating Gloves


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