Cablofil EZ Path Fire Stop for Data Comms & LV Cables

By Chris Dodds on 20th November, 2013

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Cablofil EZ Path Fire Stop for Data Comms & LV Cables

Cablofil EZ Path Fire Stop for Data Comms & LV Cables

Cable management specialist Cablofil, has designed an innovative fire stop protection system for data-communications cabling and low voltage cable networks to make the addition of new networks and manoeuvrability of existing systems easier than ever.Cablofil EZ Path

Known as Cablofil EZ-Path, the self-contained system will enable contractors and end users to allow cables to be added or removed, without the need for additional fire-stopping and without compromising fire safety or building security.

The new fire-stopping system for LV cables eliminates the need to remove and replace fire-stopping material when adding new cables, re-wiring or altering existing layouts, reducing both time and costs for contractors and installers.

Noise and dust are eliminated and the end user will benefit from being able to minimise disruption as systems are updated and human resources are relocated around the building.

Ideal for large multi-user sites, EZ-Path is designed to meet both new and retro-fit requirements for modern structured cabling installations and data-communications networks.

EZ-Path is most suitable where building layouts and networks are subject to frequent changes, demanding new routings or additional cabling capacity to meet future expansion.

Providing rapid and easy installation, the new system consists of 3 differentCablofil EZ Path - Fire Stopping Cables sized galvanized steel trunkings, designed for installation through conventional fire-rated interior partition or structural walls.

Each length of trunking is lined with specially-developed fire-stopping inert material which expands dramatically under fire conditions to form a high-integrity seal against heat, smoke and fumes in accordance with building regulations.

Conventional through-wall conduit or sleeving normally requires the use of fire-stop caulking, putty or other fire-resistant sealants after all cables have been installed.

The new EZ-Path self-contained fire-stop system operates at maximum efficiency under any cable-loading conditions, from newly-installed empty, to completely full at maximum cabling capacity, providing compliance with building regulations for fire protection.

EZ-Path fire-stop trunking can be installed in single units or combined in groups of up to seven in a single wall-opening, using special mounting plates.

Available in 3 sizes, 37x37, 75x75 & 114mmx102mm, the largest EZ-Path device is capable of housing up to 150 Cat 6 cables. All versions are supplied in ‘Safety Orange’ finish and wall labels are provided for easy identification.

Fully patented, the system is UL Classified and FM (Factory Mutual) Approved in accordance with ASTM standard E814 and conforms to British Standard BS476 part 7.

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Cablofil EZ Path Fire Stop for Data Comms & LV Cables

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