Cablofil Cable Tray Systems - Visit

By Chris Dodds on 4th January, 2013

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Cablofil Cable Tray Systems - Visit

Cable Containment

Cablofil Cable Tray Systems


Cablofil cable tray systems from Thorne & Derrick UK provide reliable, tested and trusted containment for all industrial low and high voltage cables. Cablofil steel wire cable tray provides optimum multi-service cable support for power (low and high voltage), control and instrumentation cables in industrial, contaminated and hazardous area installations.

Cablofil Steel Cable Tray

Cablofil are the world leader in the design and innovation of wire mesh cable basket tray providing the highest quality cable support and containment. Power cable installations require reliable, tested and trusted containment - Cablofil provides strong, fast, safe, clean and ventilated cable containment and support.

The Cablofil Wiremesh Cable Tray concept based upon performance, safety and economy - 3 qualities which make Cablofil Wiremesh Cable Tray system preferred by installers. Cablofil adapts to the most complex cable containment configurations and its structure gives maximum strength for minimum weight. The ease of creating Cablofil fittings, carried out on site, as well as the wide range of unique and universal accessories gives complete freedom in cable routing combined with exceptionally fast installation.


Cablofil Cable Tray Products
Product Number Product Description Image
Cablofil CF30 Standard Cable Tray Cablofil CF30
Cablofil CF54 Standard Cable Tray Cablofil CF54
Cablofil CF80 Standard Cable Tray Cablofil CF80
Cablofil CF105 Standard Cable Tray Cablofil CF105
Cablofil CF150 Standard Cable Tray Cablofil CF150
Cablofil HDF105 Special Cable Tray Cablofil HDF105
Cablofil CFG Special Cable Tray Cablofil CFG
Cablofil TXF35 Special Cable Tray Cablofil TXF35
Cablofil G-MINI Special Cable Tray Cablofil G-MINI
Cablofil CFC Special Cable Tray Cablofil CFC
Cablofil CP35 Special Cable Tray Cablofil CP35
Cablofil PCF54 Pre-connected Cable Tray Cablofil PCF54
Cablofil FCF54 Pre-connected Cable Tray Cablofil FCF54

Not Just for Data Cables Cablofil Contains & Supports Power Cables: 

Cablofil cable basket provides low and high voltage power cable containment with excellent short circuit withstand (70kA, 100kA and 130kA fault current ratings) and mechanical loading performance to IEC61537.


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