Cable Containment - Cablofil Steel Wire Cable Tray

By Chris Dodds on 29th July, 2012

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Cable Containment - Cablofil Steel Wire Cable Tray

Cable Containment

Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray Basket


Cablofil steel wire cable tray has proven a sturdy contender to conventional sheet metal cable tray. The success of Thorne and Derrick and Cablofil is largely down to Cablofil's steel wire cable trays versatility, easy installation and cost effective accessories.

Cablofil Cable Basket Tray (Wire Mesh)

Cablofil Stainless Steel Wire Cable Tray Key Features

  • Vast range of supports for wall, floor and ceiling mounting
  • Save on installation time with Cablofil fast fix brackets
  • Eradicate the need for nuts and bolts with ‘slot and tab’ boltless system
  • Straight lengths available with pre-fitted couplers for rapid connection
  • Natural ventilation provides greater cable efficiency
  • Available in several finishes to suit different installation requirements 


Cablofil Standard Cable Tray Specifications

Product Type

Width Weight Height Length

Cablofil CF30

CF 30/50

50mm 0.38kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/100

100mm 0.52kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/150

150mm 0.67kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/200

200mm 0.92kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/300

300mm 1.37kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/400

400mm 2.30kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/450

450mm 2.40kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/500

500mm 2.60kg/m 30mm 3m

CF 30/600

600mm 3kg/m 30mm 3m


Cablofil CF54

CF 54/50

50mm 0.61kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/100

100mm 0.76kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/150

150mm 1.01kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/200

200mm 1.32kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/300

300mm 1.99kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/400

400mm 2.97kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/450

450mm 3.17kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/500

500mm 3.37kg/m 54mm 3m

CF 54/600

600mm 3.79kg/m 54mm 3m


Cablofil CF80

CF 80/100

100mm 0.90kg/m 80mm 3m

CF 80/200

200mm 1.50kg/m 80mm 3m

CF 80/300

300mm 2.30kg/m 80mm 3m

CF 80/400

400mm 2.60kg/m 80mm 3m

CF 80/500

500mm 2.90kg/m 80mm 3m


Cablofil CF105

CF 105/100

100mm 1.32kg/m 105mm 3m

CF 105/150 

150mm 1.69kg/m 105mm 3m

CF 105/200 

200mm 1.99kg/m 105mm 3m

CF 105/300 

300mm 2.96kg/m 105mm 3m

CF 105/400

400mm 3.37kg/m 105mm 3m

CF 105/450

450mm 3.60kg/m 105mm 3m

CF 105/500

500mm 3.78kg/m 105mm 3m

CF 105/600

600mm 4.19kg/m 105mm 3m


Cablofil CF150

CF 150/200

200mm 3.10kg/m 150mm 3m

CF 150/300

300mm 3.50kg/m 150mm 3m

CF 150/400

400mm 3.90kg/m 150mm 3m

CF 150/450

450mm 4.10kg/m 150mm 3m

CF 150/500

500mm 4.40kg/m 150mm 3m


Pictured: Cablofil CF30 Standard Cable Tray

Cablofil CF30 Standard Cable Tray

Cablofil Profile

Since its introduction, wire cable tray has proven to be the ideal choice for cable management in virtually any type of installation, include high and low voltage power, data and comms cables. First marketed in Europe in 1972, Cablofil is one of the best-known cable tray brands in the world. For decades, Cablofil product has been providing effective, efficient and innovative cable management solutions with more than 80,000 miles of wire cable tray installed around the world. Cablofil has grown to 17 subsidiaries around the globe providing technical, logistical and sales support with 1200 distributors in 50 countries. Cablofil is part of the international ICM Group that manufacture Cablofil wire cable tray and other well-known innovative products for the cable management industry. Cablofil’s role as the leader in the cable management industry is proven by multiple technical certifications and independent evaluations.

Cablofil Cable Tray Certifications


Video: Cablofil Cable Support - Wire Mesh Cable Basket Tray


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Cablofil Stainless Steel Wire Cable Tray

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