Nexans Cable Leads Keep High Voltage Energy Transmission Flowing - 110kV, 132kV & 220kV

By Chris Dodds on 23rd February, 2016

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Nexans Cable Leads Keep High Voltage Energy Transmission Flowing - 110kV, 132kV & 220kV

The construction of new power plants and the growing demand for renewable energy sources has increased the need to expand and/or convert networks into transformer substations or onto overhead line towers.

As a key player in the energy industry, Nexans is pleased to offer a safe and flexible component for such projects : pre-terminated temporary site cables.

These cables can be used to temporarily connect equipment in a high voltage network, e.g. as a bypass during construction or repair and servicing work, or during emergencies such as natural disasters or severe weather.

When faults occur in overhead or underground lines, temporary site cables make it possible to restore energy transmission rapidly. While modification work is underway in a transformer station, temporary connections can be rapidly installed between transformers and switchgear systems or overhead lines.

Temporary site cables are available from stock or can be manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

Flexible silicone rubber outdoor cable terminations facilitate use in any position and due to their low weight, the Nexans cable terminations can be operated without additional support.

Temporary leads have the same design as high voltage cables but with reduced insulation thickness, this facilitates a small bending radius making them easy to handle and install.

Nexans manufactures temporary cables in a variety of lengths across three voltage ranges, 110kV, 132kV and 220kV.


Pre-Installed Flexible Silicone Rubber Terminations for Simplified Installations 

Due to the conditions under which temporary site cables are installed, the cable accessories must be to easy to use and have a wide range of possible applications.

Nexans’ pre-installed flexible silicone rubber terminations facilitate use in any position. Due to their low weight, the cable terminations can operate without any additional support structures. The monobloc design ensures the terminations are suitable for voltages from 72.5kV to 220kV offering maximum flexibility and operational reliability. 


Advantages of Nexans Temporary Site Cables and Terminations 

• Optimized cable lead design for very small bending radii

• Reduced insulation thickness reduces weight and improve handling on site 

• The Nexans pre-installed silicone rubber terminations are maintenance-free and routine tested for partial discharge up to a test voltage of 2.5 x U0. Following every use, a new partial discharge measurement can be performed on the cables in order to rule out possible damage.

• Single or 3-chamber drums make transportation and handling much easier

Nexans 132kV Cable Leads

Nexans Cable Leads Keep High Voltage Energy Transmission Flowing - 110kV, 132kV & 220kV


For further information please contact : 

Adam Hicks

Business Development Manager

Nexans Land High Voltage Business Line UK

Mobile: +44 (0) 7825 620518




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Nexans Cable Leads Keep High Voltage Energy Transmission Flowing - 110kV, 132kV & 220kV

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