Balata Rail Cable Straps Supplied to LU SSR2 (Sub-Surface Railway 2)

By Chris Dodds on 5th July, 2012

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Balata Rail Cable Straps Supplied to LU SSR2 (Sub-Surface Railway 2)

Balata Cable Strap Stocks Increased to Meet LU Demand

Balata Cable Straps - Rail


Balata Straps are designed to provide a secure, reliable and robust rail cable supporting method suitable for use in all outdoor railway cable installations.

Pictured: Balata Rail Cable Straps Supporting Electrical Cables - London Underground

Balata Cable Strapping For London Underground

Balata straps meet Powerlink and London Underground specifications for securing, strapping and supporting rail cables on the existing containment systems across bridges - this includes LV, HV and Pilot cable supports

Electrical substation renewal, which UK Power Networks Services undertook as part of SSR2 Project (Sub-Surface Railway 2) for London Underground Limited (LUL) has meant increased demand for Balata Rail Cable Straps to support low voltage power and comms cables.

Pictured : London Underground LU Power Upgrade SSR2

London Underground LU Power Upgrade SSR2


Out of Sight – Out of Mind

It’s in the nature of sub-surface railways, and indeed of electrical engineering in general, that the work, though complex, is hidden.

For instance, completing SSR2 will require 12km of 11kV cabling and over 20km of fibre optics for the advanced signalling systems, yet the travelling public will see nothing of this.

That’s why it’s doubly important that disruption is kept to a minimum. Quite understandably, there can be little expectation of sympathy when the reasons are concealed deep below ground.

Steve Howes, UK Power Networks Services’ SSR2 Project Manager explained: “That SSR2 is challenging goes without saying, but we know we’ll be judged on more than our technical abilities alone.

The travelling public doesn’t want to be impressed by how we’ve designed a piece of electrical infrastructure or how we’ve incorporated the latest technology, they just want their journey to be as reliable and predictable as possible.
UK Power Networks Services work on SSR2 continues, and with the scheme not due for completion until 2013, many more low and high voltage cabling projects of comparable scale and complexity are planned. 


T&D UK distribute an extensive range of LU approved LV-HV Electrical Equipment.

T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TfL London Underground (LU).

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Balata (Nylon) LUL Cable Strap Support Systems

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