Balata Rail Cable Straps For UKPN SSR2 Acton - Ealing Line Rail Cables

By Chris Dodds on 17th October, 2012

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Balata Rail Cable Straps For UKPN SSR2 Acton - Ealing Line Rail Cables

Balata Rail Cable Straps

LU London Underground SSR2 Project


T&D working with several UKPN contractors on the LU London Underground SSR2 project have supplied more Balata Rail Cable Straps from stock to support signalling and comms cables across rail bridge containment cable runs.

LU London Underground SSR 2 Project

Balata Straps are designed to provide a secure, reliable and robust cable supporting method suitable for use in all outdoor railway cable installations.

The cable straps are used for supporting HV, LV, signalling and comms cables across the existing Balata cable containment installed throughout the London Underground (LUL) network.

Balata rail cable straps meet Powerlink and London Underground specifications for securing, strapping and supporting cables on the existing containment systems across bridges - this includes LV, HV and Pilot cable support.

Balata Cable Straps

Balata Rail Cable Straps Benefits & Features

  • Fast and simple installation
  • Meets Powerlink and London Underground requirements for securing LV, MV, Pilot and bunched Comms/Signalling cables on the existing containment systems across bridges throughout the London Underground Network
  • Provides a flexible cable containment that allows movement during expansion and contraction
  • No tools required, just place around the cable and hook the balata ends over the steel studs
  • Suitable for all cable types
  • No sharp edges to damage cable sheaths
  • Excellent electricalinsulation properties
  • High quality heavy duty 3 PLY flat balata manufactured from traditional balata material


Balata Rail Cable Strap Specifications
Product Code Type Length Strap Width Balata Type Material Thickness Cable Type / (Size)
LU-BAL-1 Endless 730mm 25mm 3-PLY 5mm

LV or MV Cables

(51mm to 75mm OD)

LU-BAL-2 Endless 600mm 25mm 3-PLY 5mm

LV or Bunched Signal/Comms Cables

(30mm to 50mm OD)

LU-BAL-3 Endless 800mm 25mm 3-PLY 5mm

LV or MV Cables

(76mm to 100mm OD)

LU-BAL-4 Cut Length 660mm 25mm 3-PLY 5mm




T&D are Link-up Registered and Approved Vendors to Network Rail and TfL London Underground (LU).

Video: Balata Cable Straps - LUL London Underground Approved


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Rail Cable Balata Straps - LU Accepted

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