110kV Oil Filled Taihan High Voltage Cable Joints

By Chris Dodds on 18th February, 2016

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110kV Oil Filled Taihan High Voltage Cable Joints

Pictured : 110kV Oil-Filled 800sqmm BICC Cable To 1000sqmm Taihan Cable Using Taihan EHV Cable Joints.

HV Cable Jointer : Andrew Brezovszky (EHV Cable Jointer at Energex Australia).

Taihan develop and mnufacture the highest-quality products in the power, communications and materials industries.


Cable joint ready for outer protection boxes and encapsulating resin 

110kV Cable Joints

Cable joint cases positioned. Saving some room for the next feeder.... 

110kV Cable Joints


  • 110kV Taihan Oil Joints - Bonding Leads Made Off 

110kV Taihan Oil Joints - Bonding Leads Made Off

  • Taihan 110kV Oil Cable Joints

Pcitured are 800sqmm cables "cut&cap" ready for cable jointing. The abandoned side will be recovered at a later stage hence the platforms.

Taihan Cable Joints

Taihan - EHV Cable Joints & Cable Terminations : XLPE Cable Accessories

  • Pre-Molded Joint Pre-Molded Joint (110kV - 161kV)
  • Pre-Molded Joint (220kV - 275kV)
  • Pre-Molded Joint (330kV - 400kV)
  • Outdoor Termination (EB-A)
  • Outdoor Termination (110kV - 161kV)
  • Outdoor Termination (220kV - 275kV)
  • Outdoor Termination (330kV - 400kV)
  • SF6 Gas Insulated Termination (EB-G)
  • SF6 Gas Insulated Termination (110kV - 161kV)
  • SF6 Gas Insulated Termination (220kV - 275kV)
  • SF6 Gas Insulated Termination (330kV - 400kV)
  • Oil-Filled (O.F) Cable Accessories

The Taihan high voltage transition joint is applicable for jointing single core oil-filled (O.F) cable to single core XLPE cable. The 3-core oil-filled cable can be connected by using a splitter box (trifurcating joint box). The prefabricated and dry (oil-less) configuration is used on the XLPE cable side while on the oil-filled cable side conventional oil impregnated paper roll and newly adopted epoxy bell mouth is applied to complete the compact cable joint design.

Pictured : EHV High Voltage Transition Joint

High Voltage Transition Joint


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Cable Jointing - An Art or Science?


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