Elastimold Connectors Tee Connectors (Dead Break) 600 Series, up to 1250A 24kV

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Interface D

Elastimold 650LR  675LR

Separable Elbow Connectors

600 Series Bushings, 5/8" M16 Bolted, 800amps -1250amps 11-24kV


Elastimold 600 series screened separable connectors are EPDM pre-moulded, high voltageElastimold Connectors cableterminations for 6.6kV, 11kV, 15kV and 24kV electrical equipment including switchgear, transformers and motors.

Elastimold 600 series separable connectors include Elastimold bolted tee connectors and Elastimoldbushings (oil and air insulated) for electrical equipment up to 24kV - 1250A.

Elastimold 600 series connectors are specified to terminate and connect polymeric (XLPE or EPR) screened (copper tape and wire) cables to ANSI-style Interface Type D (800amp) bushings with either copper or aluminium 5/8" M16 bolted connection.

Elastimold 650LR bolted tee dead break connectors are rated up to 24kV (800amps) and are compatible with 600 series bushings with 5/8" M16 aluminium studs - Elastimold 675LR bolted tee dead break connectors are rated up to 24kV (1250amps) and are compatible with 5/8" M16 copper stud bushings.

Elastimold Cable Connectors, Cable Joints, Cable Terminations & Accessories have been designed and tested to the following standards :

Elastimold 650LR 675LR Dead Break Tee Connectors

  • IEEE 386 Standard For Separable Connectors
  • IEEE 304 Standard For Cable Joints & Cable Splices
  • IEEE 48 Standard For Cable Terminations
  • IEEE 592 Standard For Exposed Semiconducting Shields
  • ANSI C119.4 Standard For Copper & Aluminium Conductor Connectors
  • ANSI CS8 Standards For XLPE & EPR Insulated Cables

Elastimold connectors are designed to terminate medium and high voltage power cables for all applications including padmount, subsurface, vault, indoor, outdoor, UV direct sunlight, direct buried underground and submersed in water.

Elastimold 600 Series deadbreak elbow connectors are used to connect medium-high voltage power cables on primary feeder and network cable circuits. Dead-break (de-energised) cable connectors can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected by the cable jointers providing reliability, performance and versatile cable terminations.

Elastimold 600 Series Separable Connectors


Video : Elastimold Screened Separable Connectors 600 Series 

Elastimold K650-LR/G/P2-27-185-KM/14+KIT (MT). 

Elastimold K650LR/G Kit Contents (Screen Break Version With Earth Lead) : Connector Housing, K650LR Compression Conductor Contact, Cable Reducer and Insulating Plug With Voltage Detection Point. 

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