Pfisterer HV-CONNEX Separable Connectors Size 4 to 6-S - Inner Cone Plug Cable Terminations

Pfisterer Pluggable Connection SystemsPfisterer Connex Inner Cone Plug Cable Terminations

MV-CONNEX Separable Connector System For Medium Voltage Networks

Size 4 - 6-S Up to 245kV


The advantages of the high voltage Connex systems provide a simple on-site installation and the factory-tested Connex components save money and provide additional safety. Pfisterer HV Connex cable joints are flexible, making an easy solution for building and converting electrical systems. 

Pictured: Pfisterer HV-Connex Separable Connectors Size 4 - 6S 

Pfisterer HV-CONNEX Separable Connector System

Pfisterer MV-Connex Pluggable Connection System Advantages

  • Approx. 50 % shorter mounting length compared with conventional systems in accordance with IEC62271-209 (former IEC60859)
  • No opening of the cable termination and associated costly gas or oil work
  • Horizontal, vertical and angled versions for connection to GIS and transformers
  • Considerably reduced installation times
  • The use of pre-assembled and tested components means maximum safety and efficiency
  • Installation errors are minimised
  • If a fault does arise, rapid separation of cable and equipment
  • Cable sheath test possible without unplugging 


Pictured: Sample Drawing Of Pfisterer Cable Connecting System CONNEX Size 5

Pfisterer HV-CONNEX Separable Connector System Size 4 to 6-S

A - Socket                             B - Contact System 

1. Contact element                3. Contact ring 

2. Epoxy socket                     4. Tension cone

                                               5. Thrust piece


C - Insulating Part                D - Socket 

                                               6. Gasket ring 

                                               7. Thrust ring 

                                               8. Counter ring 


Pfisterer MV-Connex Separable Connectors Size 0 to 3-S Specifications
Size 4 5 6 6-S

Max Operating Voltage

72.5kV 145kV 170kV 245kV

Nominal Current

2500A 2500A 2500A 2500A

Cross Section Range

95mm²  - 1600mm² 95mm²  - 1600mm² 240mm²  - 2000mm² 240mm²  - 2000mm²

Min Conductor Diameter

9.3mm 9.3mm 15.3mm 15.3mm

Max Conductor Diameter

50.4mm 50.4mm 58.4mm 58.4mm

Min Diameter Over Insulation

33mm 36mm 53mm 53mm

Max Diameter Over Insulation

71mm 76mm 110mm 110mm

Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 

140kV 275kV 325kV 460kV

Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (BIL) 

325kV 650kV 750kV 1050kV

Rated Peak Withstand Current 

125kA 125kA 125kA 125kA


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