Pfisterer Electrical Safety Equipment

Pfisterer Electrical Safety EquipmentPfisterer Connex Inner Cone Plugs​

Pfisterer Electrical Safety Equipment


Pfisterer electrical safety equipment ensures the highest level of protection whilst working on electrical installations. The safety of personnel, materials and system components are given the highest priority. Pfisterer guarantee that the following conditions for their equipment are met:

  • Regulations and instructions are followed meticulously and consistently
  • Personnel have had solid training, and are continuously re-trained
  • Mutual reliance when carrying out work on electrical installations
  • Use of reliable tools and work equipment 

Pfisterer Electrical Safety Equipment

Pfisterer Electrical Safety Equipment Ranges Include :

  • Capacitive voltage detectors for power systems above 1 kV AC.
  • Double-pole voltage detectors for power systems between 500 V and 4,000 V DC
  • Voltage detector types adapted to almost all existing railway systems
  • Phase comparators and voltage-difference detecting devices for three-phase applications
  • Voltage detecting systems for gas-insulated load switching equipment and switchgear
  • Earthing and short-circuiting devices in all useful types and variations for high short-circuit loads
  • Earth clamps, line clamps and connection elements for all common applications
  • Insulating poles as earthing or operating poles 


T&D UK are specialist distributors of the Pfisterer low and high voltage ranges of electrical safety equipment - this includes voltage detectors, phase comparators, operating and insulating poles, earthing and switching poles, earthing and short-circuiting devices. Pfisterer electrical safety products cover LV, HV and EHV cable systems.


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