BICC Bicon BW20S Brass Cable Gland Kit (Prysmian KA410-52) 11.6-15.8mm

Prysmian BW20SBW Cable Glands

BICC Bicon Cable Gland BW20S  

BiconPrysmian KA410-52   

Industrial Cable Glands 


BICC Bicon BW20S Cable Glands - Gland Kit Prysmian KA410-52

  • Min Under Armour Cable Dia 11.6mm
  • Gland Entry Thread M20 x 1.5mm
  • Gland Entry Thread Length 10mm

BW20S Cable Glands

BICC Bicon BW20S Prysmian Cable Gland Kit List - KA410-52

  • Brass cable gland to BS6121-1 with M20 entry thread
  • Brass earth tag provides earth continuity between gland and equipment
  • Brass gland locknut
  • PVC shroud provides enhanced ingress protection
  • 2 x BW20S Prysmian brass cable glands per kit

BW20S Cable Glands - Technical Specification

  • Manufacturer: Prysmian
  • Brand: Bicon
  • Cable Gland Location: Indoor (For outdoor termination of cables see CW20S Cable Gland)
  • Order Code: KA410-52 (BW20S)
  • Type Of Cable Termination: SWA Armoured Cables
  • Cable Gland Material: Brass
  • Cable Gland Size: BW20S
  • Quantity Per Kit: 2 Cable Glands
  • Under Armour Cable Diameter (A): 11.6mm Maximum
  • Armour Wire Diameter: 0.9mm
  • Entry Thread (D) : M20 x 1.5
  • Thread Length (E) : 10mm
  • Protrusion Length (F): 24mm
  • Hexagon A/F (G): 22mm
  • Hexagon A/C (H): 24.9mm

BW Brass Cable Glands - Dimensions

Prysmian BW20S Brass Cable Gland Kit

BW20S Cable Gland Kit Application : Prysmian BW20S (M20) brass cable gland kits terminate low voltage XLPE insulated, steel wire armoured (SWA), multi-core cables. BW20 brass cable glands provide mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via steel wire armour termination.

LSF BW cable glands are available.

BW20S cable glands for indoor cable termination of XLPE SWA cables in dry indoor environments - Prysmian BW glands are to BS6121 Part 1.

T&D distribute the complete range of Prysmian Cable Glands including BW, CW, A2, E1FW, E2W, barrier, hazardous area (ATEX) and high voltage cable glands. 


Adobe BICC Bicon BW20S Brass Cable Gland Kit (Prysmian KA410-52) 11.6-15.8mm

Adobe Prysmian BW20S Cable Glands, Gland Kit Prysmian 420AA52

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BICC Bicon BW20S Brass Cable Gland Kit (Prysmian KA410-52) 11.6-15.8mm