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Prysmian BW LSF Cable GlandsPrysmian Cable Glands

BW Cable Glands - LSF


Prysmian LSF LSOH Cable Glands

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Low Smoke Fume, Zero Halogen Cable Glands

Low Smoke Fume Zero Halogen Cables




Prysmian BW LSF brass cable glands are used to terminate or gland all types of steel wire armoured (SWA) cables in indoor applications.

BW LSF brass cable gland kits include locknuts, earth tag and zero halogen gland shroud (LUL approved).

Prysmian BW LSF brass cable glands provide mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour locking mechanism with IP54 ingress protection.

BW LSF Brass Cable Glands

Low smoke zero halogen armoured power cables, in accordance with BS6724, are installed in fixed industrial installations where smoke and acid gas emission from fire affected cables would be hazardous to people and equipment. Standard BW cable glands are availble to terminate BS5467 power cables with PVC sheaths where LSF specification is not required.  

BW LSF cable gland kits are used for galvanised steel single wire armour plastic or rubber sheathed cables in dry, dust free and non-hazardous areas – the BW gland kit includes:

  • BW Cable Gland
  • Brass Earth Tag
  • Brass Locknut
  • PVC Shroud (2 per kit up to and including 25mm gland size)

Prysmian BW LSF cable glands comply with LU Standard 1-085 for installation in all London UndergroundPrysmian BW LSF sub- surface locations. LUL product code 1968. 

  • BS6724 Cable - Mains Power Cable XLPE SWA
  • LSF Low Smoke Zero Halogen

BS6724 Cable - Mains Power Cable XLPE SWA LSF Low Smoke Zero Halogen


Prysmian Bicon Reference Size Cable Dimensions (mm) BW Cable Gland Dimensions (mm)
Under Armour ∅ (A) Armour Wire ∅ Entry Thread (D) Thread Length (E) Length (F) Hexagon
Max A/F (G) A/C (H)
420LSF-52 20S 11.6 0.9 M20 x 1.5 10 24 22 24.9
420LSF-53 20 13.9 0.9/1.25 M20 x 1.5 10 25 27 30.5
420LSF-55 25 19.9 1.25/1.6 M25 x 1.5 10 26 32.9 36.8
420LSF-56 32 26.2 1.6/2.0 M32 x 1.5 10 28 42.4 47.8
420LSF-57 40 32.1 1.6/2.0 M40 x 1.5 15 25 50 57
420LSF-59 50 44.0 2.0/2.5 M50 x 1.5 15 36 70.1 77.2
420LSF-61 63 55.9 2.5 M63 x 1.5 15 30 80 87.4
420LSF-62 75S 61.9 2.5 M75 x 1.5 15 40 85 95
420LSF-63 75 67.9 2.5 M75 x 1.5 15 40 98.8 109.2

BW LSF Brass Cable Glands - Dimensions

Pictured : Prysmian BICC BICON BW LSF Cable Gland

Prysmian BW LSF Brass Cable Glands

T&D are distributors of Prysmian cable glands including BW, CW, E1W, A2 and E1FW ranges.


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