Petrel Guide to Hazardous Areas

Petrel Guide to Hazardous Areas

ATEX Directive for Hazardous Area

In 2003 the ATEX Directive became a mandatory requirement for all hazardous area electricalATEX Lighting & Electrical Enclosures equipment sold in the European Union - hazardous area electrical equipment must have applicable ATEX certificates.

In addition to the technical requirements demanded by the appropriate standards for each type of hazardous area protection concept, the ATEX Directive imposes additional requirements on the certificate holder in terms of quality system, product documentation, installation information, possible limitations of use in the relation to its intended enviroment, labelling information etc.

The technical details of Gas Grouping and Temperature Classification are unaltered but hazardous area zoning references are amended and gas, vapour, mist and dust categories are combined under a single classification as shown.

Zones                      Equipment
Zone 0 & 20             Category 1
Zone 1 & 21             Category 2 
Zone 2 & 22             Category 3

Ex II 2 G                    Where II is the gas group:
                                  2 is the category for use (previous zone)
                                  G (or D) is the type of explosive atmosphere 
                                  - G = gas, vapour or mist; D = Dust 

IIC T4 = -20 Degrees C to + 55 Degrees C
Where the T class will vary against ambient

IIC T5 Ta = -20 Degrees C to + 25 Degrees C     
The T class marking for dust may also be shown if different to gas

Ingress Protection

In addition to protection against the risk of explosion or ignition luminaires for use in hazardous areas will also need to provide adequate protection against the ingress of solids or liquids. The degree of classification is denoted by the IP classification system.

A two digit number is used to identify the degree of protection.

The first digit of the code denotes protection against dust and solid objects.

The second digit denotes protection against moisture.

Ingress Protection (IP) Code BS EN 60529 (IEC 60529)
IP0X - No special protection
IP1X - Objects > 50mm dia (e.g part of hand)
IP2X - Objects > 12.5mm dia (e.g tool)
IP3X - Objects > 2.5mm dia  (e.g tool)
IP4X - Objects > 1.00mm dia (e.g wire)
IP5X - Dust protection
IP6X - Dust tight

IPX0 - No special protection
IPX1 - Vertically dripping water
IPX2 - Vertically dripping water when enclosure tilited by 15 degree
IPX3 - Sprayed water up to 60 degree from vertical
IPX4 - Sprayed water from all directions
IPX5 - Water jets
IPX6 - Powerful water jets
IPX7 - Temporary submersion to a depth of 1m (for half an hour)
IPX8 - Extended submersion to a depth > 1m

There are established engineering concepts recognised by the IEC for the design of electrical equipment for hazardous area applications. These engineering concepts are the basis of protection against the risk of fire explosion. Each concept is identified by a protection symbol.

Emergency Products EN-60 598 2.22
This harmonised European product standard sets out the requirements for materials, design, manufacture, testing and operation of emergency lighting luminaires and electrical equipment for hazardous area use.

All Petrel emergency luminaires comply with EN 60 598 2.22 when used in an ambient temperature range between 0 and +25 Degrees C. For any deviations please contact Thorne & Derrick UK. 

Gas GroupsHazardous Area ATEX Certified Lighting - Petrel Electrical
The explosive gases, vapours and mists present in the atmosphere are grouped into temperature classes and gas groups according to various properties such as ignition temperature, the energy required to ignite the mixture, the energy produced by an explosion, flame transmission capability.

Thorne & Derrick UK are specialist Hazardous Area (ATEX) Electrical Equipment Distributors - we distribute Flameproof, Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe electrical equipment for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas. T&D UK service the global oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, offshore and marine industries with LV-HV hazardous area electrical equipment.

Petrel Zone 1 Hazardous Area Lighting With ATEX Certification

* Fluorescent

* Wellglass

* Bulkhead

* Floodlight

Petrel Zone 2 Hazardous Area Lighting With ATEX Certification

* Fluorescent

* Bulkhead

* Floodlight


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