Ingress Protection Guide - BS EN60529 (IEC 60529)

Ingress Protection Guide - BS EN60529 (IEC 60529)




Ingress Protection (IP) Code BS EN 60529 (IEC 60529)
IP0X - No special protection
IP1X - Objects > 50mm dia (e.g part of hand)
IP2X - Objects > 12.5mm dia (e.g tool)
IP3X - Objects > 2.5mm dia  (e.g tool)
IP4X - Objects > 1.00mm dia (e.g wire)
IP5X - Dust protection
IP6X - Dust tight

IPX0 - No special protection
IPX1 - Vertically dripping water
IPX2 - Vertically dripping water when enclosure tilited by 15 degree
IPX3 - Sprayed water up to 60 degree from vertical
IPX4 - Sprayed water from all directions
IPX5 - Water jets
IPX6 - Powerful water jets
IPX7 - Temporary submersion to a depth of 1m (for half an hour)
IPX8 - Extended submersion to a depth > 1m

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