Cablofil Wire Cable Tray - WIMES

Cablofil Wire Cable Tray - WIMES

Cablofil wire cable tray is approved by WIMES for low voltage electrical cable containment in the water utility industry. Cablofil wire cable tray will be incorporated into Issue 4 of WIMES 3.02 (LV Electrical Installations) in 2011.

Construction & Performance of Wire Cable Tray....
a) Wire cable tray shall comply with the requirements of BS EN 61537:2007 - Cable management. Cable tray systems and cable ladder systems.

b) Wire cable tray shall be manufactured from 4mm diameter steel wires, welded together into a "mesh type" construction. The dimensions of the mesh shall be approximately 50 x 100mm.

c) The upper wire of the cable tray edge shall be designed with a T-weld to avoid damage to cables during cable installation.

d) Depending on the corrosion stresses present in the operating environment, the following types of wire cable tray material combinations may be used :

i) Mild steel, zinc electroplated to BS EN 12329
ii) Mild steel, hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
iii) Stainless steel - grade 304L (pickled and passivated)
iv) Stainless steel - grade 316L (pickled and passivated)

Cablofil wire mesh cable tray - Features and Benefits :
Unique "Safe-T Edge" - No damage to hands or cables
Fewer components - Save on material, labour and waste
No prefabricated fittings - Greater flexibility, saves material, labour and design 55% lighter than perforated cable tray - Easier to handle, less material
27% stronger than perforated cable tray - Greater support distances
Open mesh systems - Natural drainage and ventilation, no dust

Specify, Install and Benefit from Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Tray......

*Cablofil is a direct replacement for return flange cable tray offering average cost savings of 30% subject to site factors

*Cablofil can be used to replace cable ladder applications offering average cost savings of at least 50% subject to site factors

*Cablofil wire mesh cable tray is available in electroplated, hot dipped galv and stainless steel grades 304 and 316

*Cablofil is 55% lighter than return flange cable tray, therefore easier to handle yet 27% stronger allowing greater support distances

*Cablofil recommend support spans on 2 metre rather than 1.2 metre (on 1000m this is a saving of 333 brackets and approximately £4995.00)

*Cablofil open mesh wire cable tray offers best drainage and ventilation

Cablofil do not manufacture prefabricated cable tray fittings - these are created quickly and easily using bolt cutters and creating bends.

Forr greater flexibility with significant material, labour and design costs, specify Cablofil cable containment.

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Cablofil Wire Cable Tray - Water Industry WIMES 3.02

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