Cablofil Cable Tray - Specification - Power Cables

Cablofil Cable Tray - Specification - Power Cables


1).  SCOPE
Cablofil Steel Wire Cable Tray conforming to the material and performance of this specification.

A). Cable tray shall be manufactured from steel wires, welded together and bent into final shape prior to surface treatment.

B). Surface Treatments:    
i). Electro zinc plated to BSEN 12329-2000 for interior use (level 2).

ii). Hot Dipped Galvanised with between 60 and 80 microns of zinc to BS 729.

iii). Stainless Steel AFNOREZ CND 17.2 (AISI 316L).

C). Steel Wire Cable Tray Widths & Depth :
i). Cable Tray dimensions are all internal.

ii). Depths of 30mm, 54mm, 80mm, 105mm & 150mm.

iii). Widths of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm 450mm,
      500mm & 600mm for depths of 30mm & 54mm.

iv). Widths of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm 400mm & 500mm for
      Depths of 105mm & 150mm.
v) All cable trays are of 3005mm long.

a). Steel Wire Cable Tray will be produced from lateral and longitudinal
     sidewall steel wires, with minimum diameters of -:
     4 mm for cable trays of widths up to 150mm
     4.5 mm for cable trays of widths of 200mm
     5.0 mm for cable trays of widths of 300mm
     6.0 mm for cable trays of widths of 400mm, 450mm, 500mm and 600mm.
b). Cable trays will be manufactured with a longitudinal ‘T-welded’ safety edge
     along the top wire of the sidewall (excluding CF3050).
c). Cable trays will be constructed with a 50mm x 100mm mesh configuration.
d). All cable tray fittings (e.g. changes in direction, level and size) shall be
    constructed on site, to the manufacturers instructions, using side action bolt
    croppers and fastened using 25mm and 30mm counter clamps with M6
    bolts and nuts, all surface treated as the tray.
e). Cable trays will be coupled together using either a fast spring coupler or a
     25mm/30mm counter clamp combination with supporting lateral splice
     plate on trays over 300mm width. The coupling will have the same surface
     finish as the cable tray.
f). Cable trays shall be supported at a maximum span of 2.5m by trapeze, wall,
    floor or channel mounting methods and will not exceed maximum loads as
    specified by the manufacturer.
g). All welds will be manufactured to an average minimum tensile strength of
     500kg per weld.

a). Loading and deflection characteristics of the cable tray should be tested
     and the results published in accordance with the European Standard  
b). Suitability for the support of Cat 6 data cabling should be demonstrated by
     way of independent test verification.
c). Fire test certification should be published in accordance with the E30/E90
d). Electrical continuity across a coupling should be demonstrated by means of a published test method and result.

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