Centriforce Tapetile Underground Low Voltage Cable Protection for Iver Water Treatment Works

By Chris Dodds on 29th August, 2012

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Centriforce Tapetile Underground Low Voltage Cable Protection for Iver Water Treatment Works


LV Underground Cable Protection

Centriforce Centritile Warning Tape - Tapetile​

T&D have delivered from stock Underground Cable Protection Tile (Tape Tile) to Iver Water Treatment Works for Interserve Ltd.

Iver Water Treatment Works is the largest potable water treatment works owned and operated by Three Valleys Water plc. 

Iver Water Treatment Works

Centriforce Tapetile cable protection tape is manufactured from high impact recycled polyethylene polymers.

Tapetile underground protection is a more flexible product supplied in roll format for quick and easy application.

Suitable for low voltage, 11Kv, street lighting, telecoms/fibre optics cables, gas pipe and water piping. Tapetile cable marker tape available in standard sizes of:

  • 40 metres x 150mm x 2.5mm
  • 40 metres x 200mm x 2.5mm

Centriforce Tapetile Cable protection rolls.jpg

Centriforce Centritile Tapetile Warning Tape Benefits

  • Gives the clearest warning to third parties and can be custom made with sizes to suit
  • Contains company logo in bold warning text for clear identification
  • Damage to cables less likely therefore reducing the cost of repairs and supply disruption
  • Lightweight and easy to install irrespective of weather conditions
  • Durable with good impact resistance
  • Rotproof and resistant to wide range of soil conditions
  • Extremely cost effective in use
Applications Of Centriforce Tapetile Cable Protection Rolls

Red/Brown background with yellow tape/black lettering

Fibre Optic

Green Background with black lettering


Yellow background with black lettering


Blue background with black lettering




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