Thomas & Betts Cable Crimping Tools For Dragon Tooth Connectors

By on 18th July, 2014

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Thomas & Betts Cable Crimping Tools For Dragon Tooth Connectors

T&D are supplying six Thomas & Betts cable crimping tools with suitable dies to crimp Dragon Tooth splices to CG Power Systems, one of the world's top ten manufacturers of three-phase transformers.

Thomas & Betts Sta-Kon Crimping Tools


T&D distribute a wide range of Thomas & Betts cable crimping products. 

What Do CG Power Systems Limited Do?

Established in 1937 in India, CG Power Systems is one of the worlds leading engineering corporations, helping customers use electrical power effectively, increasing industrial productivity and sustainability. In the last 77 years, CG has become a pioneer and retained its position as leaders in the management and Thomas & Betts - Battery Power Tool For Cable Crimpingapplication of low and high voltage electrical energy.

The unique and diverse range of CG ranges from transformers, circuit breakers and switchgear to lighting, fans and consumer appliances. This portfolio has been structured into three SBUs:

  • Power systems
  • Industrial Systems
  • Consumer Products

What Has Been Supplied?

Thomas & Betts battery powered cable crimping tools are preferred by manufacturers of distribution transformers, power transformers, switchgear products and instrument transformers. 

Thomas & Betts' battery-powered crimping tools are fast and portable for making high volume and difficult-to-reach cable terminal installations. Cable crimpers are lightweight and have been designed ergonomically. This minimises the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) that could otherwise occur with traditionally designed crimping tools. Weighing less than three pounds, these tools are easy to operate single handedly.

T&D have supplied 6 x battery crimping tools (BAT22-6), 6 x Die sets for 22L range DIE1806 and 10,000 x 22L006 Dragon Tooth crimp splices.

Thomas & Betts Dragon Tooth Crimps & Connectors•For aluminum to copper, aluminum to aluminum or copper to copper magnet wire connections

T&B 22L006 Dragon Tooth splices are recommended to crimp magnet wire insulation during application - this eliminates the need for stripping, brazing, welding or other methods of joining magnet wire. Dragon tooth connectors are ideal for crimping aluminum to copper, aluminum to aluminum or copper to copper magnet wire connections.

Thomas & Betts BAT22-6 Crimping Tool - Advantages

  • Interchangeable Crimping Dies
  • 360 Degree Rotating Tool Head
  • Short Cycle Time
  • MiCd Battery Operation
  • Powerful, Precise Cable Crimping
  • Accessories    

Video : Thomas & Betts Sta-Kon Crimping Tools - Overview


Thomas & Betts BAT22-6 Battery Powered Crimping Tools

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