1. Mixing Business With Pleasure.

By Richard Derrick on 5th June, 2013

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1. Mixing Business With Pleasure.

In the beginning things were so basic at Thorne and Derrick we didn’t even have walls!

Mixing Business With Pleasure : Photo of John Fry (left), Bob Hutchings (holding kettle) and Mike Earl (far right) making tea out in the open. We probably still have the same kettle.

John Fry looked after a range of products but was particularly instrumental in developing our Rustoleum Coating sales.

Mike Earl and Bob Hutchings looked after Raychem and 3M HV-LV business along with Band-It Stainless Steel Band and Band-It Coated Cables Ties. They are both still in the industry with Mike Earl running the Yate branch of Jointing Technologies and Bob Hutchings at Lovink supporting their sales to Western Power Distribution.

The business was built on the efforts of Mike Earl, Bob Hutchings and the team supported by the strong product offering from Raychem and 3M. The 3M relationship continues and is a cornerstone of today’s T&D.

In the Beginning .....

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