Solar Belisha Beacons Considered by Israeli Ministry of Transportation

By Chris Dodds on 15th August, 2012

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Solar Belisha Beacons Considered by Israeli Ministry of Transportation

T&D are working with the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, thorugh their Israel agent, in order to implement a large scale project of safe pedestrian crosswalks using Solar Belisha Beacons.

T&D supply solar powered Belish Beacons are compliant with BS8442 which is the UK Department of Transport belisha beacon specification issued in 2006.

The financial advantage of solar powered belisha beacons is that no expensive and fault prone cabling is required, no electricity bill, 100% carbon free in operation and the belisha beacon unit requires minimum maintenance.

The TC2211 solar powered belisha beacon has been installed at new and refurbished Sainsbury's store projects since May 2010. Tesco have also installed the solar beacons at a number of their stores and HQ.

Installation : Simply bolt the unit on top of a pole - no infrastructure services required.

Solar Power Belisha Beacon Main Features:

• Stand alone solar powered belisa beacon can be installed anywhere
• No maintenance required
• 80,000 hours LED bulb
• 10 years battery life
• Ideal for both permanent and temporary pedestrian crossings
• The most environmentally friendly solar powered belisah beacon light

Solar Powered Belisha Beacons for Road Safety - motorists are familiar with this style of belisha beacon on pedestrian crossings and consequently slow down when approaching and stop if pedestrians are on the crossing - this is an automatic psychological response and is irrelevant as to whether the crossing is on a public road or private road. i.e. the presence of a familiar belisha beacon not just a flashing light increases awareness with motorists and consequently makes the crossing safer.

Solar powered belisha beacons harness the sun's energy converting it into a valuable electrical source, lowering electrical costs to a minimum and conserving the environment - solar powered beacons draw driver attention to road safety signs, markings and crossings. Typical solar power belisha beacon lighting applications include : pedestrian walkways and cycle paths, shopping centres, retail parks and supermarkets, schools, colleges and universities, car parks, caravan parks and campsites.

For further information: Solar Powered Belisha Beacon


Solar Powered Pedestrian Crossing Belisha Beacons

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