CATU Electrical Safety Insulated Rescue Hooks In High Demand By Car Dealerships

By Chris Dodds on 20th July, 2012

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CATU Electrical Safety Insulated Rescue Hooks In High Demand By Car Dealerships

High Voltage Electrical Safety Equipment

Catu Insulated Rescue Hooks


T&D have had to bulk up stock of the Catu CS-45 Rescue Hook to meet nationwide demand from UK car dealerships including Benfield Motors, Carco Group, Evans Halshaw and Bristol Street Motors. The smart electric drive revolution has led to car dealerships introducing the Catu Rescue Hook into their safety procedures to enable retrieval of electric shock victims.

CATU is a specialist manufacturer of electrical safety equipment to protect workers operating in a hazardous electrical environments.

Pictured: CATU Rescue Hooks CM-45 and CS-45

Catu Rescue Hooks

Catu CS-45 Insulated Rescue Hook Specifications
Part Ref Maximum Voltage Total Length Weight
CATU CS-45 45kV 1.65m 1kg


CATU rescue hooks are suitable for switchrooms, substations, plant rooms, generator rooms, UPS battery rooms and computer/data centres. Also suitable for 11kV and 33kV switchgear rooms and high voltage substations.

Where an electrocution victim is slumped across a potentially live electrical source CATU rescue hooks safeguard the life of the first aider and conserve valuable time responding to the casualty. 

Emergency Resuscitation Procedure for Electrocution Victims

  • Tilt head backwards. Lift chin upwards. Check for breathing and circulation.
  • Circulation and breathing present. Place in recovery position.
  • No breathing but circulation present - give breaths at approx. 10 per minute checking circulation after every 10 breaths.
  • No breathing, no circulation - give 2 breaths, give chest compressions - 30 compressions, then 2 breaths.

Pictured: Electric Shock Emergency Action

Emergency Resuscitation Procedure for Electrocution Victims



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Rescue Hooks & Sticks - CATU CS-45

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