Chalmit Lighting Laserlite - Safer Means Of Escape For Hazardous Areas

By Chris Dodds on 7th August, 2012

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Chalmit Lighting Laserlite - Safer Means Of Escape For Hazardous Areas

Hazardous Area Lighting

Chalmit Lighting - Laserlite


LaserLite by Chalmit Lighting is based on a solid state laser source to provide a continuous 150 metre strip of lighting. LaserLite illuminates corridors and stairwells to exits. It is also an ideal way to highlight obstructions or provide illumination below water.

Pictured: Chalmit Laserlite Mounted In Recessed Floor Channel 

Chalmit Lighting Laserlite

  • Emits green light at peak response frequency of human eye providing guidance along escape route 
  • Over 150 metres of illumination from a single source
  • Fibre rope suitable for use in Zone 0 applications
  • Control housing suitable for Zone 1
  • Environmentally friendly Nickel Cadmium batteries, charging and discharging is digitally monitored and controlled to provide long battery life and the maximum duration possible
  • Fully complies with IEC & CENELEC standard 60079-28: Protection of Equipment and Transmission Systems using Optical Radiation
  • Accommodation emergency escape route lighting
  • Walkway & Spider deck lighting
  • Obstruction lighting
  • Sub-sea riser and underwater illumination
  • Perimeter and structural lighting
  • Suitable for handrail, stair tread or floor installation
  • Signage Lighting 

The LaserLite is a safe and effective light source for use in oil and gas exploration and processing facilities. The light source can be installed in Zones 1 and 21 and the optical fibre, with no live electrical component is safe for use in Zone 0.

The light source is brighter than LED based optical fibre systems and has a green light output that is in the peak range for the human eye. This makes the system especially suited to emergency lighting where smoke could obscure conventional light sources at high level.

The LaserLite has a rating of just 80 Watts. Fully compliant with the draft standard 60079-28 for optical radiation. The light source is enclosed in a robust die cast housing requiring only minimum service attention. Laser light sources have an exceptionally long life. With only a laser cable, there is no re-lamping required.

Chalmit Lighting Hazardous Area LaserLite


Chalmit Laserlite Hazardous Area Lighting Technical Data

Type of Protection

Ex d op is

ATEX Classification

Group II Category 2 G D

Area Classification

Zone 0 (Fibre Optic Cable only)

Zone 1 and 21 areas to EN 60079-10 with installation to EN 60079-14

Apparatus Standard

EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1 and EN 60079-28


EC Type Examination Certificate Baseefa08ATEX0008X


Ex d [ia op is Ga] IIB T4


Aluminium alloy LM6 to BS 1490 All fastenings stainless steel


2 x M20 cable entries for mains supply

1 x M20 for interconnection


3 core 6mm² max conductor with looping for mains supply


Fibre Optic Cable

Control Gear


Ingress Protection


Electrical Supply

110-254V ac/dc 50/60Hz



Emergency Duration

90 minutes


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Chalmit Laserlite Hazardous Area Lighting

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