Prysmian Draka IENOPYR-FR - Fibre Optic Cables

By on 31st May, 2014

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Prysmian Draka IENOPYR-FR - Fibre Optic Cables

The relationship between Prysmian and T&D goes back over 20 years and now in 2014 the Prysmian range of cables distributed by T&D is greater than ever.

It has now been a year (to the day) since T&D added the range of Draka cables to our cable distribution offering. The Prysmian Draka IENOPYR-FR MI-VHH 2G62,5 is a part of the range of fibre optic cables used for ships and offshore units and is a key part of the Prysmian Draka cable range stocked and distributed by T&D.

Since the last century, T&D have distributed the full range of Prysmian cable joints, cable glands, cable cleats and high voltage cable terminations for several decades 

Since the addition of the Prysmian Draka range of cables, T&D have been supporting oil and gas companies, drilling companies, engineering firms, ship yards and owners and utilities with safe, reliable wire and cable solutions. 

Pictured L To R: Ewan Marshall (Prysmian Infrastructure Sales Manager), Chris Dodds Power Sales Manager), Graham Ross (Prysmian Draka BDM Oil & Gas) & Pamela Kinnell Power Marketing). 

Prysmian Draka Cables 

Prysmian Draka Cable Applications

The range of Prysmian Draka cables has been designed for use as a bus cable for fixed installations on ships and off-shore units in any location and with open decks. The design of the cables dictates that they are not suitable for continuous use within water. 

Key Characteristics Of The Prysmian Draka IENOPYR-FR MI-VHH 2G62,5 Fibre Optic Cable At A Glance..

Electrical -

  • Normal Voltage: U=300 Veff
  • ​Current Carrying Capactity: @45ºC - 10A, @60ºC - 8A, @70ºC - 6A

Thermal - 

  • Max temp at conductor under continuous load: 80ºC
  • Max permissible temp: laying -15ºC, operation -35ºC

Mechanical - 

  • Max tensile stress: temporary 500N​, continuous 250N
  • Min bending radii: single 10 x D, several times 20 x D

Transmission - 

  • Loop resistance: Max 3.62 Ohm/Km @ 20ºC
  • Fiber optic tight buffers:
    • Attenuation constant at 850 nm max. 3.1 dB/km
    • Bandwidth-length product at 850 nm min. 200 MHz km
    • Attenuation constant at 1300 nm max. 0.8 dB/km
    • Bandwidth-length product at 1300 nm min. 600 MHz km
  • Insulation resistance: min. 1200 MOhm km (at 20°C)
  • Surface resistance of outer sheath: min. 10^9 Ohm (at 20°C)

Other - 

  • Fire performance according IEC 60332322
    Acidic of corrosive gases according IEC 607542
    Smoke density according IEC 61034
    Ozone resistance according EN 50396 clause 8.1.3


Prysmian Draka SIENOPYR-FR MI-VHH 2G625

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