Prysmian Cables Makes Clear Commitment

By Jonny Hewitt on 26th September, 2012

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Prysmian Cables Makes Clear Commitment

T&D Distribute Prysmian FP Fire Resistant Cables

Cable manufacturer Prysmian is leading the way in demonstrating its commitment to the environment with a declaration of the steps the company is taking towards reducing energy use, carbon emissions and waste production at its UK facilities. Full details can be viewed at

“Our customers are increasingly being asked to consider the environmental practices of partners throughout the supply chain,” says Prysmian marketing manager Julie Mould. “Prysmian has a long track record of continuous improvement in this area and is the only UK cable manufacturer to set out a clear statement of its environmental commitment. In doing this we have also been able to align our endeavours with those of both customers and suppliers.

“As a vital link in the supply chain, the company takes every action to ensure it meets its responsibility to the industry as a whole.”

The cable manufacturer is working on several initiatives with customers and suppliers to ensure combined impact on the environment is minimised, and also works closely with the European Cable Industry body Europacable to reduce the environmentally damaging effects of cable manufacture internationally.

Energy consumption is carefully monitored at Prysmian’s UK manufacturing sites and significant investments have been made by the company in its quest for lower energy per tonne products.

Waste produced as an inevitable consequence of the manufacturing process is identified as one of the biggest impacts that the company can have on the environment and in just two years Prysmian has reduced its waste tonnage sent to landfill by 25 per cent.

Packaging is also a major area of environmental concern and the company has introduced a number of initiatives – such as its free-phone drum collection service – which have reduced its packaging obligations by 36 per cent over a three year period.

All of the Company’s UK manufacturing sites operate an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to ISO14001: 2004. Since 2001 this EMS has been independently audited and certified.

T&D distribute Prysmian Cable Components for cable jointing, glanding, cleating and terminating LV-HV cables. This includes Prysmian cable joints (low voltage JEM resin cable joints), Prysmian cable glands (BW, CW, A2, E1W, E1WF flameproof cable glands for industrial, hazardous areas and high voltages) and Prysmian heat shrink cable joints and cable terminations for high voltage XLPE and PILC 11kV cables.

T&D distribute Prysmian (BICC BICON) cable cleats including Telcleat, Afumex Telcleat (LUL Approved), Heavy Duty Plastic Hook Cleat, Claw Cleat (Aluminium), Hook Cleat (Aluminium), Galvanised Iron Claw Cleat, 2 Bolt Cable Cleat (High Density Nylon 66), Afumex 2 Bolt Cable Cleat ( LUL Approved), Aluminium 2 Bolt Cable Cleat, Trefoil Cable Cleat (Aluminium Single / 2 Bolt) and Polyamide Trefoil Cable Cleats.

Cable joints, glands, cleats, terminations for LV-HV cables from Prysmian via Thorne & Derrick.

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