Pfisterer SPPC 5 33kV Dual Phase Comparators (Single-Pole High Voltage)

By on 27th May, 2015

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Pfisterer SPPC 5 33kV Dual Phase Comparators (Single-Pole High Voltage)



SPPC 5 Phase Comparators.

Superior in all situations.

The Pfisterer SPPC 5 phase comparators combines ease of use with unparalleled measurement accuracy which is down to single-pole design and intelligent measurement technology. 

The SPPC 5 phase comparators for medium voltages are used to check phase coincidence in five phase networks.

Pictured Right: Pfisterer SPPC 5 Phase Comparators - Checking The Phases Before Connecting Up Components

Typically, 2 pole phase comparators evaluate the voltage difference between the phases of two systems. This traditional method provides valid results however is not always easy. 

As a result of the resistive construction with a connecting line between two measurement poles, the measuring point in multiple systems must be simultaneously in contact throughout the test.

In addition to this, it can often be the case that the measuring points are further apart than the users arm span and the length of the connecting cable. 

Flexible, Robust And Precise Performance

The capacitive design of the single pole Pfisterer SPPC 5 phase comparators make it possible to scan measuring points individually. Once scanned, an integrated processor stores the respective phase difference and once the measurements have been completed, superimposes these onto each other.

The frequency response is then evaluated independently of the time lag. The result of all this is that precise measurements can be reliably carried out into any system configuration.

Powerful, strategically positioned LEDs provide the user with a clear view of the test results and when out of phase, the same LEDs light up red to provide a warning signal alongside an audible alarm. 

The SPPC 5 comparators can be used in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 70°C and are suitable for use in rain.

Other benefits of this comparator are that the selected voltage level is displayed clearly during measurement and the main voltage levels are grouped so that only one switching circuit is required. 

The two phase comparators are available for the medium voltage range from 3kV to 36kV.

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