Multicontact MC4 Connector - Connecting Solar Farms And Converting Energy

By on 27th February, 2015

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Multicontact MC4 Connector - Connecting Solar Farms And Converting Energy





Multicontact MC4 connectors are single contact connectors used for connecting solar panels. TheMulticontact MC4 Connector MC4 was introduced to replace the MC3 in response to the National Electrical Code 2008 wiring connector that required that the plugs lock together.

Previously solar panels would be manufactured with a junction box on the back. This required the installer to manually attach positive and negative terminal posts.Typically in large solar farms, there are over 100,000 solar panels all requiring joining. 

The MC4 Multicontact connector comes with bothm male and female types which have been designed to simply snap together. Due to the locking mechanism, they will not come un-clipped and are suitable for use on outside solar farms. If required, the MC4 connectors can be sperated however this requires a special MC4 tool (pictured right). MC4 Disconnector Tool


Pictured: Multicontact MC4 Solar Connector

Multicontact MC4 Solar Connector

Key Features Of The MC4 Multi Contact Connector

  • Snap-in lock 
  • Locking by safety clip PV-SSH4 in accordance with NEC 2011, can be released only with tool
  • Proven MULTITAM technology with high long-term stability, which ensures consistently low performance loss throughout the entire service life of the plug connector
  • Tired and tested plug connectors, 12 years of experience in the field
  • Available for assembly with cross-sections of 10 sq mm
  • Also available as ready made leads
  • Leads made to customer's specifications

Pictured: MC4 Multicontact Connector Safety Locking Device

MC4 Multicontact Connector Safety Locking Device

MC4 Multi Contact Solar Connector Technical Data
Connector System Ø 4mm
Rated Voltage 1000 V DC/1500 V DC (IEC)
Rated current IEC (90ºC) 17 A (1.5 sq mm), 22.5 A (2.5 sq mm), 30 A (4 sq mm), 43 A (10 sq mm)
Rated current IEC (85ºC) 17 A (1.5 sq mm), 22.5 A (2.5 sq mm), 39 A (4 sq mm), 45 A (6 sq mm)
Rated impulse voltage 12 kV (1000 V DC (IEC)) 16 kV (1500 V DC (IEC))
Ambient temperature range -40ºC...+90ºC, -40ºC...+75ºC, -40ºC...+70ºC
Upper limiting temperature 105ºC (IEC)
Degree of protection IP25, IP68 (1 h/1 m) IP2X
Overvoltage category/Pollution degree CATIII/3
Contant resistance of plug connectors 0.35 m Ω 
Safety class 1000 V DC: II, 1500 V DC: 0
Contact system MULTILAM
Type of termination Crimping
Contact material Copper tin plated
Insulation material PC/PA
Locking system Locking type
Flame class UL94-V0
Ammonia resistance 1500 h, 70ºC/70 % RH, 750 ppm
Salt mist spray test, degree of severity IEC 60068-2-52


Pictured: Typical Solar Panels Using MC4 Connectors

MC4 Connector Used On Solar Farms

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